Creative Home Spaces Your Kids Will Love

When designing a new home, it’s imperative to consider spaces for all members of the family, especially the kids — children’s bedrooms, reading nooks and media rooms make for special, functional spaces in the home that everyone will love.

You have been dreaming about a new home, imagining what each special space will look like as you masterfully design the best setup for your family’s needs. Perhaps there has been great focus on the heart of the home and how to make it the most beautiful area since it will be seen by many. Or maybe you’re even dreaming about the owner’s suite retreat you’ll create for yourself, complete with a spa-like bath and Pinterest-worthy walk-in closet. But, what have you dreamed up for your children? Is there a master, magical plan for their spaces as well?

We rounded up a collection of children’s spaces to help you seal the deal when it comes to Parent of the Year.

Baby’s first bedroom

The Marshall nursery

We realize this room has the potential to hold tremendous sentimental value. It’s where your baby will begin and end each day and where you will indulge in so many of those cherished first moments. When setting up this space, we recommend choosing a room in close proximity to your own bedroom to ensure those late night check-ins are just a little bit easier.

Kids rooms that bring the great outdoors in

Child's bedroom featuring a camping theme by Drees Homes in Cincinnati
Child’s room at the Alwick

Childhood is a time when imaginations run at an all-time high, and it’s such a beautiful thing to bear witness to. It won’t be long before those wildly innovative and creative minds start rooting in reality and logistics that naturally come with age. Why not create a space that encourages and celebrates these beautiful young minds? Modeling their area in this way will be sure to act as a catalyst for an imaginative world to be born. Let your child feel like they’re experiencing the great outdoors, all from the safety and comfort of your own home.

The child’s bedroom that goes to infinity and beyond

The Vanderburgh bedroom

Another great idea to inspire creative, imaginative thinking is by creating a space-themed room. Whether your child is into the solar system at this age or a devoted Buzz Lightyear fan, this style of room is sure to be a hit. Plus, you can even throw in some educational components by listing planet names in the solar system landscape. Add a kid-friendly telescope in the corner and you’re set! What better way to encourage your child to look up from that iPad.

A child’s bedroom, but make it a hideaway

Child's bedroom featuring a tree house theme by Drees Homes in Cincinnati
Child’s room at the Vanderburgh

As your child outgrows the baby and toddler stages, and starts to prioritize independence, why not meet them in the middle? The hideaway is the perfect hybrid of independence and support, wrapped up in a fun, tree house feel. Not only will your child feel as if they have acquired the independence they crave, but as a parent, you’ll feel comfort in knowing they have a strong and supportive foundation holding them tight – in more ways than one!

A reading nook for your bookworm

The Brennan loft

As your child grows, naturally so will their interests, desires and hobbies. Providing cool spaces for constructive activities like reading will make the task more desirable. If you have a true book worm on your hands, you may find it difficult to get your child out of one of these comfy, cozy reading nooks. If your child is one who reads by sheer force, it may make reading assignments a little more appealing. Either way, you really can’t go wrong with a reading nook for school-aged kiddos.

Kids bedrooms that double as havens for their hobbies

The Marshall child’s bedroom

Youngsters’ hobbies come and go like the seasons, but there will be a few that will establish themselves clearly as passions – not just the flavor of the week. Whether that be sports, music, science club or art, crafting a themed room around their first love might just take the cake for how to win over the preteen years. If you want to take it a step further and really impress the kids, let them lend a hand in the design scheme. This bonding project will surely create memories that will last a lifetime.

A retreat for the teen at home

The teenage years can be challenging to navigate as a parent. Trying to keep up with what’s “cool” this week vs. last week and all the moods and ‘tudes in between can be tough. One thing we know about this stage, because we’ve all been there ourselves, is friends trump all. Give them neat spaces to hang with friends in your home. Some comfy chairs and a TV will probably get the job done for today’s average teen, but feel free to get creative! Even if your teen doesn’t vocalize their appreciation – it’s there, we promise.

Media rooms: Fun for the whole family

Time spent with the family is so cherished when you’re looking back at the memories that happened in your home. It is so important to establish an area of the home that supports family time. Whether that be a media room for a popcorn-filled blockbuster evening or an all out game night, having a room poised and readily available for family activities is an investment you’ll never look back on with regret.

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