Hidden treasures, arches and dark countertops – these are the top home design trends of 2023

Look no further for the hottest home design trends expected for 2023! Consider this your guide to the most stylish colors, doorways, countertops, exterior looks and more that will dominate home design in the new year. To help us spotlight these design elements, we enlisted the expertise of Drees Design Center Director Alexa Drees and Drees Architecture Designer Paige Foss.

1. Arched doorways and entryways

In 2023, you’ll see softer lines throughout the home – a departure from the more modern rectangular shapes that had dominated the market for years. 

Drees Homes | 2023 Home Design Trends

“Architectural details like arched doorways and entryways are back in vogue, and we are also seeing this shape utilized in furniture, decorative mirrors, and other home accessories,” Alexa said.  

Arches add a softness and also draw the eye up and around, which exaggerates the height of spaces and makes rooms feel larger.

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2. Dark countertops

Although the ever-popular marble white countertops aren’t going away, more and more of our homeowners are opting for darker countertops in leathered/matte finishes. 

“I think this follows a love for something new, and embracing the idea of textures,” Paige said. 

The Brookdale II kitchen (left) and the Lauren II kitchen

Selecting a moody or textured countertop is a unique way to bring personality into the kitchen. As Paige explains, this is a great way to showcase something new in the kitchen that isn’t just an appliance.

3. Go Bold – No more safe beiges and grays

2023 will be all about infusing individuality into the home, and this means that safe shades will be cast aside. Homeowners will be more apt to select colors and finishes that were considered too permanent to take a risk on in previous years.

Anxious about making a big, bold choice? Alexa’s advice: Go for it! 

We are seeing color and bold patterns in tile, cabinetry and other finishes. If you’re in love with it, chances are you will love it for years to come,” Alexa said. 

Drees Homes | 2023 Home Design Trends

Maximalism is making a comeback along with a resurgence of color and texture. Once reserved for accent pillows and rugs, homes in 2023 will embrace a “more is more” mentality when it comes to color and bold accents. 

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4. Speaking of bold, black exterior is in 

Adventurous selections aren’t just reserved for the inside of homes. Homebuyers are embracing bold and black accents on the outside of their homes, welcoming black cladding in both masonry and siding materials. 

It’s a bold move for sure, but we are seeing black exteriors gaining popularity, especially in our Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee markets.

5. Drawing inspiration from nature

Bringing the outdoors in will be just as big as it was in 2022. The desire to feel grounded and at peace in our homes will still remain a priority this coming year. 

“The soothing colors found in nature will remain popular for interiors – greens, blues, and warmer tones will play an important part,” Alexa said. 

The star of the show in 2023 is green! In fact, Paige goes as far to say that green is the new neutral. In an effort to establish a sanctuary-like feel and incorporate calm, 2023 will bring a lot more green into our spaces, and not just on furnishings and accent pieces.  

“Green cabinetry, tiles and trim details painted in an envious hue will be all around in our homes in the coming year,” Paige said.

6. Brushed gold fixtures and warmer tones

Brushed gold fixtures will continue to dominate in the new year – especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Matte black options will also be popular, and homeowners are no longer sticking to one or the other. Mixing and matching fixtures is gaining popularity.

In addition to brushed gold, warmer tones continue to gain momentum in 2023. Warm wood tones and beige and terracotta colors continue to gain market over cool, gray tones. 

“Again, the connection to nature and a desire to make our homes an escape from the outside world continue to fuel this trend,” Alexa said.

7. Focus on trim details

Thoughtful trim details will be all the rage. Just as adventurous selections – bold colors, textured countertops and patterned tile – play a role in bringing individuality into the home, so too does incorporating trim work. 

Drees Homes, Cincinnati, Crestwood Floor Plan, Owner's/Primary/Master Bedroom with Feature Wall

More of our homeowners are investing in trim details up front, as opposed to reserving it for a DIY project later. After all, intricate trim on a wall is more than just visually interesting – it’s an expression of personality.

8. Wine bar, but make it art!

Gone are the days in which you’d display wine and liquor on a piece of furniture. Wet bars are an option for displaying bottles and establishing drink stations, but even more sought after than these are entire rooms for wine! 

Drees Homes | 2023 Home Design Trends

And these spaces are incorporating more and more commercial-like detailing. Wine bars aren’t X-shaped cabinetry built-ins. Rather, they’re floating wine holders, floor to ceiling frameless glass walls and minimal cabinets.

“It seems we are currently following restaurant trends for this by a few years, so definitely keep your eye out when dining or going out for drinks – the bar detailing and gathering spaces are directly linked to current interior trends for the housing industry,” Paige said.

9. Let there be *maximum* light!

Incorporating large, bare windows, oversized sliding glass doors and reflective surfaces (hello, mirror-like finishes and decorative touches) will continue to be a huge trend in interiors. 

Drees Homes, Nashville, Elmsdale floor plan family room and kitchen with sliding wall door

“We are trying to incorporate this trend by utilizing large, single panes of glass in our family rooms and dining spaces – think windows that don’t show grids or window sashes,” Paige said.

10. Incorporate hidden treasures

Now more than ever, homeowners are making it a priority to utilize every inch of their home. No space will be wasted! 

“Built-in elements are dominating even the tiniest corners of our homes. Once the in-vogue element for rehabs, new construction homes are now taking advantage of all the spaces left behind to bring in lots of personality and usability,” Paige said. 

Pocket offices, which have been in high-demand since the start of the pandemic, will remain in vogue. Often tucked off the kitchen, pocket offices provide a seamless transition from work to play, offering the unique ability to knock out work initiatives while maintaining a pulse on the rest of the house.

Drees Homes, Nashville, Pocket Office with White Countertops and Walk-in Pantry
The Wilshire pocket office

Pocket offices aren’t the only hidden treasures gaining popularity. Oftentimes, the smallest nooks house the biggest personalities.

Take our Homearama home, the Bedford, for example. When closed, the secret door off the study looks like it’s a part of the room’s paneling. Once opened, the door reveals a cigar room, complete with custom shelving.

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