Simplify back to school with these interior spaces

Back to school is just around the corner, and although we can’t help pick out folders and notebooks, Drees homes are outfitted to make homework time simple, assembling lunches a breeze and getting the kids out the door just a little bit less of a chore.

I know, we can’t believe it either, but it’s almost time for back to school! For some, that means the kiddos return to the classroom full-time. But it also means lunches, laundry and schoolwork will be in full swing at home. Our collection of studies, pocket offices and gamerooms make ideal homework stations, and our foyers and family ready rooms help parents keep lunches, laundry and schedules in order.

Get the family ready (and out the door)

Ah, the family ready room!

The options for this must-have space are virtually endless. Equip your family ready room with a sink, refrigerator and plenty of counter space so you can make lunches in a flash. Cabinets provide countless opportunities for storage, and an island gives an extra pop of space to do laundry or serve up after school snacks.

A family ready room featuring a washer and dryer, refrigerator, cabinetry and an island | By Drees Homes
The Rowland family ready room

Did we mention that options are nearly endless? The family ready room isn’t just for laundry and meal prep. Outfit this space with a small pocket office and create a designated spot for homework and crafts. Drees Architecture Designer Paige Foss said these types of multi-functional spaces are among the home design philosophies that are expected to become increasingly popular.

A family ready room featuring a washer and dryer, cabinetry and a pocket office | By Drees Custom Homes
The Brynlee II family ready room

The functional foyer

Family foyers are the organizational hubs of the home. Here is the perfect spot to hang your calendars and white boards to keep everyone’s schedule straight. Beyond helping with the mental housekeeping, these spaces provide seamless storage. The bench and hooks adjacent to the door means that backpacks and jackets will no longer be strewn across the floor. A parenting win!

A family foyer/mudroom featuring a bench, hooks and chalkboard | By Drees Custom Homes
The Archer family foyer

The versatile gameroom

Yes, gamerooms are for both work and play. Gamerooms, although not as private as a study, are so versatile they can be designed as the ultimate schoolwork stations. This spot in the home is ideal for families who have more than one school-aged child. Configure lounge chairs and couches so the kids can get comfortable while they do their homework.

The Alden gameroom
The Lynmar II gameroom

Gamerooms easily inspire creativity and collaboration. Fun and relaxation are usually the first things that come to mind when we think gamerooms, but these rooms can also serve as functional workspaces.

The spacious study

Perfect for middle schoolers, high schoolers (and for parents, let’s be honest), our spacious studies are typically secluded from other spaces in the home. Whether you prefer sophisticated or minimal design, there’s one thing that is common across the study: These spaces optimize focus and eliminate distractions. The study has always held its own in home design, but demand has skyrocketed in recent years.

A study decorated in neutral, earth tones | By Drees Homes
The Buchanan study

The practical pocket office

Don’t want to devote a whole room to a study? No problem – there are pocket offices for that! These spaces are perfect for the multitaskers. Pocket offices allow parents to help the little ones with schoolwork while keeping a pulse on the rest of the home, so you can do dinner and multiplication tables at the same time. Pocket offices, which are usually adjacent to the kitchen, weave in a lot of functionality in just a little pocket of space, making them the unsung hero of homework time.

A pocket office featuring a slim desk and stools, located off the kitchen, near the walk-in pantry | By Drees Homes
The Kaitlyn pocket office

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