Incorporating Pantone’s Core Color Collection into Your Home’s Design

Spring has officially sprung. As nature begins to transform to greet the season with warm blossoming landscapes, this season also brings exciting new transformative trends to our closets and our homes. As we put away our winter wear and open windows, welcoming the renewed hope brought on by the season, we also begin to hone in on our home design and decor. After a year of instability, Pantone® is recognizing the strength and resilience that comes with going back to the basics. That’s why you can’t go wrong with Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2021 Core Classics just announced. There’s something about the familiarity of these core colors that resonates so well in current times. Despite changing seasons, with these natural and down-to-earth shades, we’ll always remember our roots and where we came from.

Pantone's core collection for the spring/summer of 2021
Image source: Pantone


A guest bedroom featuring rich gray walls in the Inkwell shade
The Great Falls Bedroom

Inkwell is unapologetically authentic. This deeply intense, blue-ish black, is bold not in its brightness, but in its confident nature. Painting a wall Inkwell is not easy to commit to, but we’re seeing the ambitious choice more and more. Guess what? IT WORKS. Bold yet genuine, commanding yet attentive, Inkwell has come thundering onto the scene demanding acknowledgment and respect as a top contender in interior color selection.


After making its way onto the scene in Pantone’s 2021 Color of the Year debut alongside Illuminating yellow, Ultimate Gray has managed to solidify its stake in home design in this Spring’s launch as well. The reliability of this color is one of the main reasons it remains a major player in the seasonal selections. Ultimate Gray has the unique capability to stand on its own, or act as a supporting agent for a bolder and eclectic accent color or statement feature.


As off whites continue to gain popularity and momentum, Buttercream has begun making its introduction. This delightful color is as smooth and delicately rich as the name suggests. With an inherently seamless nature to it, a multitude of design schemes and adjacent colors work well with this simple and undemanding color. The soft, nurturing characteristic that Buttercream presents is timeless, a fact that has helped land it on the 2021 core color list.


Rustic-inspired working pantry featuring Desert Mist walls, a sink and cabinetry
The Great Falls Working Pantry

Desert Mist, as the name points to, is reminiscent of fresh air and sandy dunes in some of our most revered travel destinations. Playing on brown, orange and gold hues, this color choice pairs incredibly well with some of the other core classics. Inkwell, Buttercream and Ultimate Gray all bode well with this earthy color choice while offering a bit more substance than the others. Whether you try Desert Mist as an accent wall for a light and easy color pop or choose to paint an entire bedroom, it has a unique ability to perform to its specific application with ease.


Study featuring a statement wall in a Willow color
The Quentin Study

This distinctive green offers shifty hues that dance depending on the surrounding environment. Ample light hitting Willow may encourage some gold flecks to emerge, offering an overall lighter and playful experience. A darker room in the house may play on Willow’s earthy, natural side providing an entirely different encounter. Pantone likes to describe these tendencies as “a canopy of greens that reveals and conceals.” Willow is an exciting addition to the core collection line-up and one we are confident is going to hold its own as a core classic for some time.

Pantone describes the core classics as “hues whose versatility transcends the seasons and allows for more freedom of choice.” At a time when maybe we want or need to transcend above the circumstances of the last year and be engulfed in a sea of familiarity, strength, endurance and stability, Pantone’s core colors are just what we, and our homes, need.

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