Homeowner Spotlight: Meet Nicole

Nicole Vivoda recently moved into her dream home. After going through some recent life changes, she was thrilled to embark on this journey, creating a home that was 100% her. She worked with our team to bring her vision to life and is now enjoying her carefully crafted new home set upon a wooded site in a popular Northern Kentucky suburb.

We invite you to read Nicole’s personal building story and her top takeaways when it comes to designing a new home.

What floor plan did you choose and what attracted you to this design?   

I picked the Saxon as I wanted a plan that was affordable and allowed for a lot of upgrades while staying within my budget. I love modern farmhouse style as well as craftsman style and felt that I got those combined with the Saxon. Plus, it offered the board and batten as an exterior option, which was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a plan that had a designated office space, guest bedrooms, an owner’s suite bathroom with a nice big tub, a reading area and an open design on the main level. I loved that it felt open but not too much. The Saxon gave me the breathable, cozy feeling that I was looking for.

As you have watched your new home’s design come to life, what have been your favorite spaces and features?

There are several features that I ended up loving that I was surprised by.  I love how the fireplace turned out. I planned on keeping things very simple, but the tile I choose just spoke to me at the Design Center. I can’t wait to have a fire in it. 

I am also surprised by how much I liked how the owner’s suite shower turned out. I actually started with a completely different floor and tile, and then, at my second Design Center appointment, went to a more grey/spa-like feel. I am very happy with the way it turned out. I feel like I am in a hotel every time I take a shower.

I opted for the loft instead of a fourth bedroom so I could have my reading space I really wanted. Then I went for the open railing instead of the half wall, so it created a nice space with lots of natural light. I can’t wait to make it the lovely reading space I’ve dreamt of having.

What did you enjoy most about the building process?

About two years ago, I divorced and moved into a rental. After sharing space and compromising my tastes for the last 20 years, I was beyond excited to have a place that was 100% mine. 

Most of all, I really enjoyed all the people that I got to work with at Drees. Beverly at the Design Center was great. Michelle and Lauren at First Equity Mortgage were helpful and informative. I loved Jen, my Builder, and all the great, useful information she gave me. Most of all, I loved working with Holly, my Market Manager. She made the whole process so fun and exciting. I didn’t have any doubts about my decision. She made it a  great experience.

What advice would you give others who are interested in building a home?

Don’t be afraid of what you may have heard. Building doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Don’t have unreal expectations that everything will turn out just perfect and ask lots of questions. If you don’t want a pedestal sink in your half bath, ask about other options. I think the best thing I did during the process was to add in everything I ever wanted in my dream house. If I needed to pull stuff off that didn’t fit into the budget, then I moved backwards. This allowed me to see what was really important to keep and what could be added at a later date. This helped me create a home that I was really excited about.

Why did you choose to build with Drees?

I looked at other builders, but ultimately picked Drees, because they felt like home. I connected with my Market Manager from day 1 and loved that Drees could give me everything on my must-have list – a yard that had trees and privacy, a nice gas fireplace and a bathtub that I could relax in. I am so glad I picked Drees! 

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