The Inspired Build: Inviting Your Favorite Experiences to Shape Your Surroundings

Imagine your last adventure. Did you travel somewhere new or perhaps a tried and true, beloved hot spot? How did it make you feel? Were the surroundings exhilarating and exciting or maybe calm and serene? At Drees, we believe your experiences should shape your surroundings. That’s why we invite you to bring your favorite experiences to your new floor plan. Once you’ve pinpointed what you love, let us surround you with eye-catching architecture and stylish selections to match.

For example, take a picturesque mountain getaway. How do you infuse your most favorite features of that experience into a space you’ll immerse yourself in every day?

1 | Select a nature-inspired color palette.

Start by setting your sights on a color palette that mimics nature’s natural canvas. Look to earthy tones to guide your home’s interior and exterior selections.

2 | Incorporate organic elements.

Imagine wood tones and other natural elements throughout your home. These days, organic isn’t just reserved for lovers of bohemian style. Those who gravitate towards traditional and modern aesthetics can also embrace light and neutral palettes, matte and brushed fixture finishes, and texture via materials.

3| Soak up the sun.

When designing your home, don’t shy away from a sun-kissed interior. Opt for optimal natural light. Consider the addition of a sunroom, a soaring wall of windows or even a multi-pane, sliding glass door that creates a seamless transition to the great outdoors. Each of these additions will invite the natural light in, perking up your mood and energy level.

4 | Opt in for outdoor living.

After the experiences of 2020, more and more people found themselves craving their own outdoor oasis. These days, the majority of our floor plans offer some type of outdoor living extension. From built-in stone fireplaces and patios topped with fire pits to screened-in porches and even outdoor kitchens, we have you covered with a variety of designs to fit your family’s lifestyle.

From vacation photographs and Pinterest pins to your final floor plan, Drees makes to easy to bring it all together. We know your home is more than a dwelling. It’s an expression of who you are and what you value. Designing a custom home is a very personal endeavor, and we want to be here to help you every step of the way. Begin your inspired build today!

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