Homeowner Spotlight: Meet Layne and Amy

As first-time homebuyers, Layne and Amy decided to go all in and build a home that checked the boxes right from the start. They had always rented in a traditional subdivision setting and decided it wasn’t the right fit for them. After touring resale opportunities that didn’t meet the mark, they started to consider building. Because of the warranty provided, building also helped them feel more confident in their decision to purchase their first home.

One day, the couple stumbled upon a lot that they thought would be perfect for a home, but were told by another company that the township would never allow a residence there. Because the lot offered exactly what they were looking for, Layne and Amy were initially bummed. This perfect site had plenty of land for their dogs and was surrounded by crops instead people. That’s where the Drees Build on Your Lot program came in! Layne and Amy met with a Drees Market Manager, who promised the Drees team would do what they could to make the dream home site happen. From that point forward, Layne and Amy were sold!

This year, the couple moved into their new home and sat down to share insights regarding their first home buying journey.

What floor plan did you choose and what attracted you to this design?

We selected the Ashton floor plan. It offered a lot of space, fit within our budget and allowed us the flexibility to design it around our specific wants. Having an upstairs laundry, adding a finished basement with a spare room and incorporating a guest room with its own bathroom are just some examples.

As you have watched your new home’s design come to life, what have been your favorite spaces and features?

The kitchen was our favorite space to see come to life! Seeing the features and colors we selected actually in the room instead of just as small samples at the Design Center was awesome.

The master bathroom barn door has been our home’s biggest hit. Every guest we’ve had so far always compliments the barn door!

Just seeing the house we essentially created felt wonderful. It is no longer just an idea. It is our home!

What did you enjoy most about the building process?

Our favorite part was not having to house hunt anymore. We were able to have a home that checked off all our boxes without having to settle. Just watching it go from a piece of land to a whole house was so enjoyable! We also liked making frequent visits to watch each phase of the development.

We loved how the Market Manager, Builder and Build on Your Lot General Manager kept us in the loop on everything. We received weekly calls/updates and never had surprises. Even when COVID-19 hit and initially shut everything down, we were immediately reassured that we would see minimal effects. 

What advice would you give others who are interested in building a home?

Go and visit the exact model of the floor plan you are choosing before your Design Center appointment. When it comes to your selections, seeing the home in person is so different than looking at a floor plan drawing. There were some things we saw in the model after the fact that we wanted, but did not select at the Design Center.

Also, when selecting your home’s color scheme, keep in mind your furniture plans. The colors we chose did not match any of our current living room or bedroom furniture, so we ended up having to buy new items to match the home. 

Lastly, know that when the home is being built, things are going to look weird, especially during framing. The dug out basement will look too small, the rooms will appear tiny and the layout may seem wrong. Trust your Builder! Let them do their job and everything will come together just as you envisioned. 

Why did you choose to build with Drees?

The initial thing that caught our attention was our very first call with our Market Manager. Despite all of our questions, she didn’t make us feel dumb. Just her representation of Drees alone had us sold.

Then finding out that unlike other builders we looked into, Drees offered flexibility in their floor plans. They also offered a Build on Your Lot program that allowed us to pinpoint the lot and they took care of the rest. We had never even bought a home before let alone built a home and Drees made everything so simple from start to finish. 

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