COVID-19: A Recipe for Revolution in Home Design

As we arise from the aftermath of strict quarantines and closings brought about by the novel COVID-19 pandemic, we’re doing so with a sense of heightened clarity. Suddenly, items of importance and those that belong among the trivial have come into greater focus than ever before. Time with family at home holds a new meaning, technology that allows for communication is not taken for granted and careers challenge us in new ways.

If juggling home schooling and working from home for the last three months has been your reality, you may look at one particular aspect of daily life with a new perspective: home design. Basic spatial needs regarding home design came out of the coronavirus climate that we don’t foresee fading.

To help shine light on the future of home design and anticipated trends, we enlisted two Drees experts: Design Center Director Alexa Drees and Architecture Designer Paige Foss.

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Overall, Paige believes that despite the beloved open floor plan, a paradigm shift is expected regarding the importance that consumers place on spaces. The next trends in interior design will be forged by “old wants turning into new needs” as families gravitate towards separate areas, craving utility and privacy.

Now let’s dive into the predictions!

Work Spaces

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The Brennan

It’s no secret that those who had access to well-designed, quiet, home office set-ups were envied this quarantine season. With some companies electing to provide work from home options indefinitely moving forward, our Drees Design Center has experienced an uptick and renewed desire among prospects to create home office spaces (complete with good *Zoom* lighting).

In addition to the traditional home office, designated quiet areas to accommodate homeschooling efforts and homework needs have also gained traction in home design.

The Flex Room

The Corona

When stuck at home with nowhere to go for months on end, the need for extra bonus rooms or flex spaces come to light, quickly. Whether utilized as a designated homework space previously mentioned, an at-home gym, or general hobby/activity area, Alexa stresses the importance of identifying an at-home retreat to escape the chaos or simply enjoy a quiet moment. She shared, “For many people who are working from home, this type of space can provide a destination after work hours and provide a sense of clocking out, which is incredibly vital in maintaining work-life balance.”

A Decontamination Drop Zone

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The Rowland

It took a major global pandemic for the average consumer to rethink cleanliness in their own home. Often times, spaces and supporting features that lend themselves to maintaining proper hygiene habits upon entering the home are not the most romantic, and thus glossed-over. At Drees, we offer stunning family foyers and beautiful family ready rooms that cater to this very need. Shedding traces of the outside world and washing hands appropriately before entering the greater living quarters is becoming all the rage for a hypervigilant, wary, post-pandemic society.

Larger Pantries

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The Lauren II

Transparently speaking, we’re unsure where the infamous “COVID-19 Toilet Paper Bandits” stored all of their hoarded goods. Pre-pandemic, less stress was placed on large pantries and additional storage space for backup essentials. Many with the intent to buy food and supplies to last several weeks soon realized this precaution wasn’t a realistic option due to storage restrictions. With this in mind, we foresee greater thought being put into designing spaces that can accommodate weeks’ worth of groceries and buying in bulk.

Smarter Material Selections

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The Parkhill

When it comes to home selections, Alexa has experienced stronger consumer demand for easy cleanability over antimicrobial materials. However, Quartz marries the best of both worlds. The sleek, marble-like designs make it a prevalent choice for counter tops in general, but combined with its antimicrobial, durable, easy-to-clean selling points, Quartz has likely secured its place in design for the foreseeable future.

Luxury vinyl plank wood flooring follows suit with similar characteristics and makes for the perfect choice to round out a post-pandemic kitchen.

Enhanced Outdoor Living

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The Channing

Outdoor living is on the rise. Even as restaurants and businesses open, it appears that our safest haven is indeed, the outdoors. It’s amazing what a well-designed outdoor space can add to a home, especially when the vibe aligns with your specific personality. This summer, backyard cookouts, fire pits, and patio hangouts have increased with such velocity that even when the pandemic dust settles, the desire for phenomenal outdoor living spaces will remain. Plus, there may be subconscious, residual fears and anxieties that linger for a long time. And let’s face it, the feelings of comfort and peace that come with your own backyard oasis can’t be matched.   

Bonus Tip: Selections Matter

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The Brynlee II

Concerning custom finishes, Alexa and Paige are finding that customers are willing to invest more upfront to get exactly what they envision for their dream home. Based on the understanding that “the materials and colors we surround ourselves with affect our mood, productivity, and relaxation,” Alexa feels that buyers are being more decisive and deliberate in their selections.

For example, a smart selection to help combat coronavirus includes Moen’s MotionSense faucet. With the wave of your hand, you’re able to start and stop the faucet. When talking about the benefits of this innovative faucet, Moen shared, “Wave goodbye to dirt and germs and wave hello to hands-free.” And we couldn’t be more on board with that!

What’s Next?

Post-pandemic, we will emerge more resilient as a family unit, country and world, with a heightened perspective in what we want out of life, our careers and inevitably even our own homes. We will be part of a culture that had to shift and morph at the drop of a hat, innovating and learning along the way. An object in motion stays in motion, and the colossal wave that has been created by the Coronavirus pandemic is one that will likely impact our decisions in life, careers and home design for years to come.

At Drees, we’re here to help you build a home that is designed to cater to your family’s needs. With an array of award-winning floor plans, savvy design options, and DreeSmart, an energy efficiency and tech package that comes standard, you will find that a healthy, efficient home is just steps away. To learn more about new home opportunities in the Midwest, the Southeast and Texas, visit

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