The Brookdale – Beautiful Model Home at Trinity Falls

One word in particular comes to mind regarding the new Brookdale model home at Trinity Falls: vitality. This new model home breathes refreshing new life into home design, one that is full of inspiration and energy.

The vivacious character of the Brookdale is almost palpable upon entering the home. The main foyer features two-story ceilings that are both impressive and attention-grabbing, setting the stage and hinting at the level of craftsmanship that will be revealed throughout the rest of the home.

Once you make it past the entrance way and into the living room, it won’t be long before your eyes are drawn upwards to the bold statement piece overhead– the chandelier. Wooden beams that complement the ceiling arrangement invoke a sense of pride, not in an arrogant way, but instead in a genuinely rustic fashion, acting as the antithesis to the overarching contemporary demeanor.

Combined with the soft wooden floors and the hearty fireplace, the two themes marry in a way that leaves us feeling satisfied from a trendy, modern perspective, yet also cozy, comfortable, and like there’s no place like home.

The kitchen continues to support the unique aesthetic with pristine, white appliances finished with the tasteful touch of a wooden accent on the stove hood, charming and warm back splash, and a lively yellow color pop in the dining room to tie everything together.

Moving on to the living quarters with high hopes, the Brookdale owner’s suite keeps pace with the initial precedent set by the communal areas of the home. The sleek and cool color palette creates dimension in the beautiful bedroom before moving to the immaculate white design in the bath, coming full circle with that of the kitchen.

What about spaces that aren’t always given the care and detail they deserve, but nonetheless are staples in every home? Family-ready rooms are all the rage of late, and for good reason. There is no exception here. The Brookdale presents a designated space where organization and productivity can co-exist with ease, and in style!

Let’s talk about entertaining. Whether it be family night in or hosting a soiree with friends, the Brookdale is well-equipped to deliver an unforgettable gathering. The attractive gameroom is located just off the media room, and between the two, your role as entertainer is effortless.

If games and movies aren’t really your speed, venture to the back patio and enjoy a peaceful evening it the outdoor living area of your dreams. Cuddle up by the fire under the covered section, or enjoy a bit more of the outdoorsy vibe a few steps away under the beautifully crafted pergola.

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