Marvelous Spaces Your Mom Will Love

At Drees, we know the importance of family. In fact, being privately owned and operated for over 90 years, we REALLY appreciate the family unit. One of the most intricate pieces of this unit, and one that possesses strength and resilience beyond measure, is our moms. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we want to extend our deepest appreciation for all mothers near and far. Thank you for showing up day after day, and bringing the very best version of yourself to the table even when it’s tough. You’re shaping a generation to be kind, bold, and unapologetically themselves.

Moms — You’re amazing! We’ve created a collection of spaces we think are marvelous, just like you!

The Owner’s Suite Retreat

This fantastic owner’s suite speaks volumes on so many levels. The color palette exhibits warmth and comfort in a very genuine way, ironically reminiscent of a mother’s love. The clean and crisp aesthetic marry seamlessly with contemporary touches, while simultaneously adding a sense of charm with barn doors and the soft elegance of wooden floors.

A spa-like oasis cannot be overlooked in a home. It is often times considered somewhat of a sanctuary to the women in our lives, one that represents peace and tranquility in the midst of a sometimes chaotic daily agenda. Whether a revitalizing bubble bath in an iconic stand-alone tub or spending time in front of a sprawling vanity is your idea of self-care, these stunning bath designs have it covered.

The Inspired Space

When we think of moms, one word comes to mind: inspiration. When we translate that into home design, we think of inspired spaces. These are areas in our homes that are designed with a keen eye, allowing and empowering creativity while carefully balancing multiple elements to create the perfect aesthetic. When these elements contradict and compliment each other in just the right way before coming together in unison, an inspired space has been achieved.

We’re convinced that moms are some of the most productive humans on the planet. Often times, they seem to be the glue that holds families together, getting the job done time after time. We’ll never know how they do it all, but they manage to accomplish everything while maintaining the utmost style and grace — like these functional family-ready rooms! Poised and ready to take on the day ahead, these rooms come packed with productivity and polish.

It’s the little touches that mean the most; it’s the intimate details that really take home design to the next level. Sometimes, that looks as simple as a little coffee bar right off your bedroom to greet you every morning as the sun rises. Sometimes, it’s a beautiful wet bar with a built-in wine fridge to wind down and welcome the evening. Unique customizations help make a house, a home. We’re here for whatever makes your heart smile.

The Outdoor Oasis

Stay-at-home mom, full-time working mom, or somewhere in between, whatever your reality may be, at the end of the day you deserve an outstanding space to kick-back and relax. Outdoor areas should be reflective of your personality.

Whether that means recreating a living room vibe outside with the comfort of a cozy fire place and covered porch, or a complete open air atmosphere to soak up the sun and stars without hindrance, Drees knows how much outdoor living means to moms. That’s why we put every ounce of care and love into each unique space we design. You deserve it, moms!

Happy Mother’s Day from the Drees Family to Yours!

We hope you have the most splendid day, and can celebrate in a space that’s as marvelous as you.

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