20 Must-Have Home Features to Incorporate in 2020

Does the new year bring dreams of that picturesque home you’ve always envisioned? Now’s the time to make it happen! Build that dream with stylish and savvy home features. To help you make smart choices, we’re sharing the top 20 home features we’re forecasting for the year 2020.

1. Open Floor Plans

The reign continues.

It might not be new, but open floor plans are still very NOW. A visual connection between kitchen, family and dining spaces create a casual living arrangement that is perfect for entertaining.

2. Moving Out

Making spaces the envy of the neighborhood.

Entertainment is no longer contained within the walls of your home.  Make the outdoor living space really work for you. Go for a seamless transition to the great outdoors by incorporating comfortable design elements you would normally place inside, such as plush sofas, spacious tables and practical storage solutions that double as additional seating.

3. Hidden Gems

Hideaway spaces that impress.

Finding a little privacy for more utilitarian functions can take today’s homes from WOW to WHOA. The dynamics of an open living arrangement are important, but that openness comes with a cost.  Keep the kitchen, dining and family room open, but find a way to get that working pantry, family ready room, or pocket office to extend your style into even the most functional spaces.

4. Shape It Up

Hello geo.

It’s not going to be subtle. Shaped tiles are ready to take center stage! Geometry and tile go hand in hand, and this trend is rising in popularity…fast. Mesmerizing tile shapes are sure to liven up your interior spaces and give them a modern spin. Hex had a trip around the sun in 2019, but be ready to see even more geometric shapes come alive this year.

5. Pattern Play

Dizzying amounts of pattern are waiting.

Everything from arabesque and vintage to modern and monochromatic…Patterned tiles are still on trend, but the number of available options is continuing to grow. Be bold and mix a more traditional pattern with modern furnishings or go full on modern with a geometric choice.

6. Hello Texture

Move over pillows.

The hardscapes in our homes are having a moment right now…and part of that moment is texture. Textures can add a layer of definition and depth to your overall design. We’ve been using tile, rugs, pillows, and decorative window fashions, but texture can also come from the fixtures themselves (and yes, SMOOTH is a texture). 

7. Customize It

Mix, match and muddle.

When straight out of the box just won’t do. Plug and play customizations are all over the marketplace for faucets, appliances and more. Mixing and matching makes it easy to make the standard into something special.

8. Lighten Up

Go beyond the bulb.

Lighting can be anywhere (literally). Recessed lighting and beautiful hanging fixtures are a given, but adding the unexpected pops of light in a home take it next level. Think light at mirrors, railings, stairs and more.

9. Not So Neutral

Green with envy? Or feeling blue?

It’s a colorful time for home design and decoration. Frosty greys and blah beiges are facing the reality of new hues taking center stage. Cool blues are feeling toastier, especially when paired with greens from the warmer side of the color wheel.

10. You’re So Vein

Marble everything!

Not just reserved for natural stone, porcelain, luxury vinyl, and acrylics are also adopting a marble aesthetic to get a piece of this timeless design trend.  And while cool toned (grey-blue) veining is still all over the marketplace, new warm and gold-inspired veining is coming full force to join the metallics trend.

11. All That Glitters is Gold

Or maybe chrome.

Metals mix and entangle with each other to create visual interest. Brushed gold, matte black, and chrome will be all over in 2020.

12. Smart-er Technology

Tech gets less tricky.

Historically speaking, smart hasn’t always been easy. But the latest trends in smart technology is EASE, INTEGRATION, and SECURITY. The once herculean task of making a home smart is getting simplified with new integration software and smart devices that play well with others.  It looks like smart home tech might just be graduating from kindergarten on that note.

13. No Grey Area

Greys are out.

Black and white rule the day. While colors are taking center stage, for those neutral-lovers, there is an alternative to greys that doesn’t involve a spin around the color wheel. 

14. Wood for Warmth

Wood to the fullest.

In terms of material, wood is here to stay. From pine, oak, mahogany or even faux and treated wood products, wood is everywhere. House structure, faux structure, interior and exterior floors, furnishings, décor, wall cladding, finishes, doors and more…Wood is living it’s best life right now.

15. Back in the Day

Throwback trends in exteriors.

Exterior massing and cladding choices are reminiscent of styles of decades past. Vintage style staples are making a comeback in exteriors (and adding lots of color too). We aren’t trying to fool anyone, these homes are new.  But with exterior cladding that feels so familiar, even a new home immediately feels at home on the street.

16. Looking into the Future

Modern is now.

New architectural styles feature clean, modern lines that command attention. This sleek exteriors become an element of interest and elude striking curb appeal.

17. Day Spa Meets Master Bath

Singing in the shower never sounded better.

Simple spaces are making way for bold and beautiful surface and fixture choices that SHINE. Master baths are a truly spa experience with modern amenities and materials that set a tone of luxury.

18. In-home Self-care

Photo cred: Moen

No spa trip needed.

Spa is the desire, but your home can still be the destination. With a new on-trend focus on wellness (think air quality on the same level as mental health), tech is starting to make it even easier to get the spa experience at home.  The new Moen aromatherapy showerhead takes a Keurig-style approach to the shower experience, infusing the stream with essential oils (four different kinds – from calm to energizing).

19. Do More with Less

Solutions for congested space.

Getting organized can still be pretty. Today’s homebuyers want and expect more from their closets and storage spaces, whether it’s storing more clothes or doing double-duty as a multi-functional space. Customization reigns supreme when it comes to organization.

20. Let There Be (More) Light

Natural light for the win!

As you up the drama in your personal spaces, amp up the volume by adding more natural light. Windows are continuing to grow in size, while frames are receding in response to consumer demand.  The aesthetic is unapologetically modern (read: clean and unfussy), even in more traditional spaces.

Did you take note of your favorite features? It’s time to start the process of designing your dream home. To explore the possibilities, visit dreeshomes.com.

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