Brilliant Design Features for Your Dream Kitchen

Traditionally, the kitchen has been the place where everyone comes together to enjoy a meal, share stories and hang out. Now Drees offers a variety of innovative features to bring your traditional kitchen experience to a whole new level of ease and enjoyment.

Here’s a collection of innovative enhancements to consider when designing a delicious new space:

Savvy Under Cabinet Systems

Gain big benefits with extra lighting and connectivity. While innovative modular under-cabinet systems provide valuable task lighting, they also make countertop clutter obsolete. You’re truly enhancing ease and efficiency as these systems have a docking port for your tablet or mobile device. With your device on the charging dock, imagine playing your favorite tunes during dinner or having a recipe within arm’s reach.

Built to Bake Like a Pro

One of the most popular must-haves that homeowners request for their new kitchen is the double oven. Talk about big benefits when it comes to on-time meal readiness! Plus, imagine the perks associated with baking in bulk and prepping for large gatherings.

You can even consider a WiFi-enabled oven that offers enhanced features. Enjoy sensor-cooking capabilities and notifications sent straight to your phone. Additionally, these smart home appliance can even sync with Amazon’s Alexa for voice-activation.

The MotionSense Rinse


The Moen MontionSense faucet is quickly becoming a fan favorite. This special faucet offers touchless activation to turn the water on and off with the wave of your hand. This is prefect for messy kid hands or the quick rinse mid-recipe.


Ready to build the kitchen of your dreams? Now is the time to make it happen! Build a delicious new space with up to $15,000 in designer kitchen upgrades when you contract to build a new Drees home between August 30 and October 31, 2019. To learn more, click here.


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