Advice from a Real Estate Professional on Building a New Home

At Drees, we pride ourselves on building quality family homes and providing a great customer journey through the building process.  And while we ensure that the process of building a home is enjoyable and as easy as possible, some families choose to have a Realtor by their side. We encourage any homeowner to make the decision that is best for them! We love working with Realtors and especially ones that have a passion for selling quality built homes. Recently, our Nashville team had the honor to work with a homeowner who is building their third Drees home (You read that right, third Drees home!) This family chose to work with their Realtor, Monte Mohr with Realty ONE Group Music City in Nashville, TN. Monte has worked in real estate for over three decades and was excited to share some inside knowledge about building a new home:

How long have you been in real estate and what do you love most about it?
I have been serving home buyers and sellers for over 35 years, personally selling over 3,000 residential properties. Being a true advocate for each family I work with, helping them achieve their real estate dreams, is what I love most about what I do.

When you have a client looking to build their own home, what is the top advice you provide?
When building a home, I advise my clients that it’s all about the reputation of the builder. The 3 key elements of that reputation are:

1) A quality product completed on time
2) Standing behind what they build after the fact
3) A reputation that will attract and not repel when selling

What are some of the top selling features your clients love when buying a new home?
I think the most important feature when working with any builder is not so much a physical feature that may be offered, ( any builder, good or otherwise can develop great floor plans and upgrades) but ease of process and continuous, regular communication through and beyond completion of the home, I feel is the greater value. Managing expectations while ultimately “wowing” the client. Building a home is not an easy process no matter who the builder is. Helping the client understand on the front end of the process this reality while making them feel their home is the most important one you are building, I believe is the goal.

You have mentioned you have sold more than a few Drees homes, what do you believe sets Drees apart?
All of the above. I have sold hundreds of new homes over the years, working with at least 50 different builders. Simply stated, there is not a builder in Tennessee that I would rather work with than Drees. Not just because I know that my clients are building a quality product that will serve them well, equally important to me is the confidence that they (and I) can feel when they do decide to sell, half of the challenge is already accomplished. And that is a common knowledge industry-wide, that this is a home built by a local builder that has a long time solid reputation of high quality and integrity.

You recently were part of an amazing story of a homeowner buying their third Drees home. Can you share anything about your experience through this journey?
That question can be answered with one word, “grateful”. Certainly grateful for the privilege of longtime clients reaching out to me to assist them once again through a new chapter in their lives, but equally grateful knowing that I would be helping them sell a quality product to another family and then soon be building their 3rd beautiful well-constructed home in a neighborhood that will always enjoy the reputation, “this is a Drees home”.  As a real estate professional of over 3 decades, I learned long ago, when the dust clears all we really have is reputation and relationships. Drees helps me look like a hero with both.  Thank you for that.



Thank you Monte for taking the time to share your valuable insight!

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