Go Green This Spring!

The biggest step towards being greener doesn’t necessarily mean moving out of your home onto a farm or commune.  Rather, start by simply being more aware of what you’re doing and where you can make tweaks in your life, and then go from there. Little differences will add up.

Below are five simple ways you can go green this spring!

  1. Electricity – Unplug electric devices that you’re no longer using. If your cell phone has finished charging, unplug it. If you’re not using the lights in a room or your computer (etc.), then turn them off.  Even devices not in use that remain plugged in, can still soak up unnecessary electricity. After a month or so, check your electric bill.  You may be surprised about how much money you’re saving.
  2. Plastic Bags – If you haven’t already gotten one, pick up some fabric grocery bags. Through the simple act of bringing your own bag, you’re saving however many hundreds of bags from being deposited in landfills. For your existing plastic (grocery) bags, consider using them as garbage bags around your home.  At the very least, see if there’s any plastic bag drop-off recycling in your area.
  3. Water – Cumulatively, our nation spends much more on water than we do on electricity. Don’t leave your sink running if you’re brushing your teeth or shaving, etc. If you have a leaky faucet, get it fixed.  Instead of taking baths, take showers instead.  In the same way with electricity, do this for a month or so and then check your water bill.  You’ll be surprised how much money you’re saving.
  4. Transportation – Try to carpool with a nearby co-worker to reduce emissions. If possible, take advantage of public transportation.  Consider purchasing and using an electric or hybrid motor vehicle.  Also, be mindful of how often you accelerate.  vehicles use more gas to speed up than they do to move at a consistent speed.
  5. Grow Something – Consider growing some of those wonderful fruits, vegetables, and herbs you get from the grocery store.  Even a small garden can provide you with a tasty, healthy, creative outlet that adds an organic aesthetic to your home, as well as taking some money off your grocery (and possibly gas) bill.

If you’re looking for ways to live greener and more efficient lifestyle we hope that these tips inspire you to get started.

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