Create a Home that Evolves with You

Discover what happens when your statement-making style meets smart home technology. It’s the grand front entrance you envisioned, with keyless entry that unlocks as you pull up. It’s that gorgeous tile you always wanted, in a shower already steaming as you walk in the door.

This picture of perfection is exactly what DreeSmart is all about! With our standard DreeSmart package, you will have a solid foundation that will adapt to you and your lifestyle.


Control your home’s temperature, lighting and other features from anywhere with the convenience of a smart hub. Through an app, you can quickly access the tools you need to make adjustments on the go or while cozy on the couch.

Imagine heading home from vacation. You an easily kick-start the A/C, so that your home hits the ideal temperature upon arrival. You can turn on the lights as you pull into the drive. And then, if needed, you can quickly unlock the door before you start unpacking the car. All of these handy tasks are accomplished through one convenient, smart hub.


Easily make modifications, anytime, anywhere. Setting up your smart home preferences is a breeze! Imagine creating the ultimate spa experience in your owner’s suite. For example, U by Moen offers a personalized experience with three ways to control your shower: wall interface, mobile device and even voice control. With a preprogrammed verbal command such as “Rise and shine,” your shower will kick start to your preferences. It will hit your desired temperature just as you’re getting out of bed. Talk about convenience!

Peace of Mind

Never question whether your doors are locked. You can check your phone and know. Plus, enjoy conveniences like remotely unlocking the door to let the dog sitter in and receiving notifications when your child arrives home.

Set the Mood

Create collections of easy-to-activate home automation commands. Establish short-cut settings for occasions such as dinner, a movie night, bedtime and a getaway. For example, with a touch of a button or voice command, your lights can change, your Wi-Fi-enabled appliances can start and your temperature can adjust. Talk about the ease of use!


Ready to build your dream home? Cross the threshold of what’s possible with Drees! To learn more about the smart home innovations included in DreeSmart, visit

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