Building a Home Optimized for Energy Savings

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. So when you built it,  you’ll want to build it smart. And that’s exactly what our DreeSmart innovations are all about!

We’ve designed a system throughout your home where every detail is carefully thought through, especially when it comes to energy efficiency and your ultimate comfort. Rest assured knowing that your new Drees home is designed to save you money and meet rigorous energy efficiency guidelines.


A Solid Foundation

From start to finish, we use only the toughest, most durable materials to ensure our homes are solid. We carefully select the industry’s leading heating and cooling systems for incorporation. You’ll find that our homes are insulated and equipped with low-E windows and whole-house ventilation.


Comfort + Control

Built-in technology allows you to customize and control your home’s climate for maximum comfort and efficiency. We can incorporate a WiFi-enabled, smart thermostat, so that you can control the temperature of your home straight from your mobile device. Easily make heating and cooling modifications, anytime, anywhere. Plus, setting up heating and cooling schedules to fit your preferences is a breeze!


Energy Efficiency

We invite third-party inspectors to test our homes and ensure they exceed the Environments for Living® energy efficiency benchmarks. Our homes are scored on a Home Energy Rating System (HERS). The lower the score, the lower the energy costs.

On average, our homes score 66 points better than a typical existing home, saving you significantly when it comes to heating and cooling costs.


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