Take the Stress Out of Holiday Entertaining

Chances are you’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about preparing for a big party during holidays. The thought of entertaining, decorating and shopping may be too stressful to bear. Have no fear, Drees has three simple tips to make surviving the season easy and fun.

  1. Keep it Simple – We all marvel at the Rockefeller Christmas tree and amazing Pinterest boards, but your home doesn’t need to rival a holiday store display. An elegant tree, welcoming wreath and tasteful centerpiece can set the mood without breaking your bank.
  2. Delegate – Let friends and family contribute to your holiday meal. It will reduce the burden on you and your wallet. Plus, you may walk away with a new favorite recipe.
  3. More Isn’t Always Merrier – Everyone’s schedule is hectic and it only gets worse around the holidays. Consider trimming your guest list to only your closest family and friends. Many will be relieved to have one less stop to make. If you’re feeling guilty, plan a casual Super Bowl bash.

These tips will help you get in the spirit, but avoid holiday stress and allow you to simply enjoy, without all the fuss. If you want to keep it light but still have the desire to create a wow factor for your guests- you may want to check out these wintertime home styling tips.

From the Drees family to yours, we hope you have a joyous holiday season!

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