The Weekend Fix: 5 Curb Appeal Updates You Can Make Before Monday

Spring has sprung! With warmer temperatures and the end of cabin fever, we are all happy to get back to the outdoors. So this weekend, why not focus on adding character to your curb appeal? Whether you’re staging to sell or happy with your current digs, now is the time to elevate and celebrate your curb appeal.

Here are five updates you can make before Monday:


1. Dress Up Your Door

Dressing up your door is a great way to make a solid first impression. From applying a fresh coat of paint to changing the door color completely (think a statement color like the red above), you can easily utilize this area as your home’s statement accessory. Not wanting to pick up a paint brush and go the entire DIY route? Instead, opt for a new knocker, doormat or wreath for an instant upgrade.


2. Plant and Mulch

Adding a pop of color through the addition of plants is the quickest way to add character to your curb appeal. Pick your plants with great care. Pay special attention to the instructions. For example, do they require shade to flourish or can they handle full sun? Also, select plants in complimentary colors. For example, the red featured above is the perfect pop of contrast from the home’s neutral exterior.

Check out steps for creating an easy-care perennial garden here and how to select the best mulch for your environment here.

TannerC@UPK_EXT_2X3. Stick with Symmetry

Speaking of plants, let’s talk potted plants. With today’s garden center offerings, it’s easy to pick up beautiful pre-potted arrangements. All you have to do is place them on the porch and water accordingly. Wondering how to position a set of potted plants for the biggest impact? Make it simple and stick with a symmetrical arrangement. For starters, flank your doorstep with a set.


3. Set Up a Seat

Even if you don’t plan on spending your days rocking away on the front porch, nothing says “welcome” and “I’m a friendly neighbor” more than the addition of two chairs or a bench. Utilize this porch space as a place to set up a seat. When using two chairs or a bench, consider adding a side table or garden stool to complete the look.


4. Give Your Garage a Facelift

Quick, easy and affordable, adding hardware to your garage door will enhance the look of your home. You can purchase garage hardware sets at your local home improvement store for a reasonable price, making this upgrade one that gives you a big bang for your buck.


5. Illuminate

Exterior lighting will help a home shine. Whether it’s replacing your current fixtures or installing new landscape lighting, you will be pleased with the instant impact. Not comfortable with electrical upgrades? Try solar lights with ground stakes.

Now that the front yard is complete, why not set your sights on creating an outdoor oasis in the backyard? Get all of our top tips for conquering backyard projects here.

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