Preparing Your Home for Memorable Milestone Celebrations

We know that our families crave open and airy floor plans, generous-sized kitchen islands, enchanting outdoor living areas and extra entertaining spaces. All of these desired home design features set the scene for memorable milestone celebrations at home.

Whether you’re hosting a housewarming party, birthday brunch, graduation celebration or shower, the party planning basics remain the same. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when preparing your Drees home for all of life’s special occasions:

Set a Solid Foundation

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It’s important to think long-term. Think about the features that will set a solid foundation for entertaining an intimate group and even a larger crowd. Perhaps there were certain floor plan incorporations like a finished lower level or architectural elements like a built-in fireplace on the patio that you considered as must-haves when purchasing your home. Regardless of your floor plan, here are some factors you can consider to ensure your home is party-ready:

  • Direct your attention to curb appeal. Whether that means coupling two bright floral planters with a wreath for your porch or going for a lux landscape makeover, you have the opportunity to elevate your home’s first impression. Plus, this is an improvement you can enjoy long-term, not just at party time!
  • Establish an inviting outdoor living space. Invest in outdoor furniture, so when it’s party time, you’re ready to go and not scrambling to buy extra seating for overflow onto the patio. When outfitting your outdoor living area, conversation seating, dining sets and fire pit setups are the most common choices. Also, consider investing in finishing touches like outdoor pillows, lanterns and string lights to enhance the ambiance.
  • Think through music incorporation. Every party calls for pleasant music playing in the background, setting the vibe and combatting awkward silence. Having built-in speakers or even Amazon’s line of Echo devices will easily put music at your fingertips. Thinking through this logistic ahead of time will save you stress on party day.

Stock Up on Staples

Jars with a tap on a wooden stand in a garden.

A seasoned host or hostess always a steady stock of party supplies ready to reveal themselves the second a noteworthy occasion arises. By building a basic collection, you won’t feel that you’re starting from scratch each and every time. Basics to keep on hand for celebrations at home include:

  • White dining dishes and servingware
  • Serving utensils (Consider a salad set, cheese knives, appetizer forks, tongs and a pie server.)
  • Ice and champagne buckets
  • Drink dispensers
  • Cake stands
  • Decorative cutting boards
  • A handful of vases in the same neutral color (Remember, milk glass goes with anything.)
  • Table linens (In particular, go for tablecloths in basic colors and subtle patterns.)
  • Folding tables and chairs

Pinpoint the Details

Birthday Cake

When an occasion arises, take time to establish a theme, a tone, a budget and logistics. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What’s the intent of the celebration?
  • Will my party be formal or laid back?
  • What color palette will guide my celebration selections?
  • How do I see the theme coming to life in terms of decorations and activities?
  • What can my budget handle?
  • Can my home comfortably hold the amount of guests I’d like to invite? If not, can I utilize an outdoor area for overflow? Can I switch to an open house setup with a flow of people coming and going?
  • Is there enough parking?
  • Will I prepare the food myself or go with catering?

Bonus Go-time Tips

Now that you’ve set a solid foundation and planned for this party, here are a few more tips to ensure your celebration runs smoothly:

  • Start setting up the week leading up to the event. Avoid waiting to the day of the party to do all tasks. For example, bring out your extra folding tables and chairs several days early, set your tables for a dinner party the day before, etc.
  • To expedite plating of the food the hour prior to the party, lay your serving dishes out on the kitchen island or display table with post-it notes allotting their assigned dish.
  • Ask a few family or friends to come early and help you put out the food. When its go time, there will not be enough of you to go around. Help is always a good idea.
  • Additionally, ask a few people to help keep an eye on the food and drink throughout the party, restocking when necessary.
  • Provide disposable guest towels/napkins in the powder room. After so many guests use your hand towel, it is sure to be a sopping mess. Disposable options will ensure everyone has a clean towel.

You’re now equipped with the tips and tricks to celebrate life’s special occasions at home with ease. No matter how large or small the milestone, we say celebrate it! Your Drees home will provide the perfect backdrop for making memories.

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