Customer Spotlight: Family Tradition

Nothing speaks more volume than a repeat homeowner, but when not only the parents but their children (and grandchildren!) make the choice to own a Drees home that is truly something special. We were fortunate enough to hear from just one of those families! Today’s customer spotlight features mother and daughter, Debbie Webb and Shawna Kinsel. Three generations of Drees homes were loved and enjoyed by this wonderful family. Below they share some of their story with us:

Tell us about your family’s history with Drees Homes:

Shawna: My grandma and grandpa built a Drees home in Highland Heights, Kentucky in 1974. They lived in this home for about 30 years. Then my parents built our family home in 1990 located in Cold Spring, Kentucky. They lived in this home for 25 years. And to keep the tradition going my husband and I purchased our first home in 2008, a newly built Drees home, located in Alexandria, Kentucky. We lived there for 7 years. To top it off, my parents recently built their second Drees home!

What made you and your family choose (and continue to choose) Drees?

Debbie: I grew up in a Drees home (built in 1974) so I was comfortable with the idea of building with them as an adult. When my husband and I decided to build our ‘family home’ we fell in love with the location of the then, newest Drees location, Sturbridge.  However, the location was only the beginning of the best decision we could have made. First, the Drees Representative was credible and knowledgeable of the floorplans. He listened to us and heard what was important to our family. Second, we liked the lot – it was perfect for our family’s needs. Looking back, that was the exact same experience we had with our newest Drees home built in Arcadia. We chose Drees because they delivered on our needs!

View Debbie’s first Drees home:

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Shawna: Well, our wedding was six months away and my husband was living out of state. We had limited time and many decisions ahead of us. After touring through many houses (that we couldn’t agree upon), we partnered with a realtor (Ben Neltner) and he found the perfect home for us. The moment we saw pictures of the house we became giddy with excitement and then we had our walk-through. It was stunning; from the two-story foyer to the open-concept living and kitchen area, to the many windows, simply stunning. I remember entering the home with our parents (it was a family experience). We all agreed it was perfect before advancing to the second level. I led the way to the Master bedroom and screamed with excitement – literally screamed when I saw the spacious master closet. Everything about the Drees home exceeded our expectation – so we made it our home where we entered as bride and groom and then later welcomed two of our babies. It was perfect.

View Shawna’s first Drees home:

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What’s your favorite thing about your home?

Debbie: Thinking about my childhood Drees home, my favorite thing was the footprint of the lower level. It was large and provided space for us (as children) to use our imagination. Later, the lower level became more of a living space that was so roomy –providing our family the opportunity to make memories! Also, looking back, it was the community of the Drees subdivision (Knollwood); so many of my friends were neighbors creating a community feel. I remember appreciating the wooded lots where so many of us played and even rode horses.

Shawna: Which house?!? So, my favorite thing about my childhood Drees home was my room. I love natural light and I had the best room in the house (not including the Master Suite, of course).  It was the perfect size for me as a young child and into adulthood. It was perfect to play in as a child and later was filled with all of my bridesmaids as we beatified ourselves for my wedding.  In addition, I loved the location – so many of my friends also lived in Sturbridge and it was easy to be a kid – ride a bike and bounce from house to house. Finally, the yard – we had a corner lot that catered to entertaining (a fabulous front and backyard which housed a pool).

In the Drees home that my husband and I bought – it was the windows, again! So much daylight in all of the rooms! And right after the number of large windows – was the closet sizes! Every room had a large closet!

What advice would you give to others about to build their dream home?

Debbie: I would highly suggest that you go to other model homes and look at the options prior to going to the Design Center. The will allow you to see what it really looks like – the handles, the fixtures, the paint color, etc.

Shawna: I would advise them to spend money on the items you do not want to add or replace  – the quality of windows, number of windows, go to the design center early in the process and love your decisions. Enjoy the process and do not let it overwhelm you!

Describe your homebuilding experience with Drees in one word:

Debbie and Shawna: Adventurous! (so many decisions to make)


Thank you to Debbie and Shawna for taking the time to share your family’s experience and we wish you many years of home happiness!

This is an especially special story to share this year as Drees celebrates our 90th anniversary (also with 3 generations of family ownership).  From Theodore Drees to Ralph Drees to our current President and CEO David Drees, Drees Homes continues to flourish after 90 years in business. Make sure to check out the Drees family legacy and learn more about our unique 90th Anniversary Drees Home Tour.

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