Episode 23: Finding the Right Balance of Textured Treatments

Hi there! Welcome to the “Ask Alexa” series. I’m Alexa Drees, the Design Center Director at Drees Homes, and I’m excited to bring you weekly tips, advice, and answers to your dilemmas to help make designing your dream home an easy and enjoyable process. Each week, I’ll be rolling out a new feature. (If you missed our first 22 videos, you can watch them here.)

As you know, I love to mix it up and play with patterns, finishes and textures. I think it keeps a room interesting. Variance in texture allows your eye to wonder through the space, exploring one faucet after another.

Not sure where to start? Here are some common textured treatments to consider incorporating into your home:

White painted brick as a feature wall, fireplace or backsplash

CGRP-0006-DD_Brayden G_Family Room 01

Exposed wooden ceiling beams for architectural interest


Polished neutrals found in granite, quartz and tile for sleek, sophistication


A hint of stone for a relaxed organic vibe

RAP-0001-2_Castella II A_Formal Dining

Statement paneling applications such a shiplap for subtle style


Each of these applications provides a level interest that perks up the space and defines its level of personality.

All the best,
Alexa Drees

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