Episode 21: Answering Your Design Dilemma Questions

Hi there! Welcome to the “Ask Alexa” series. I’m Alexa Drees, the Design Center Director at Drees Homes, and I’m excited to bring you weekly tips, advice, and answers to your dilemmas to help make designing your dream home an easy and enjoyable process. Each week, I’ll be rolling out a new feature. (If you missed our first 20 videos, you can watch them here.)

Today, we’re covering viewer questions! With so many design dilemmas that come through our Facebook page, I have chosen some of the most common questions to review:

1. The exterior of any home is so important, how do I go about making the right choices for me?


That’s such a good question!

Before you settle on your exterior style, drive around your neighborhood and check out the exterior material combinations. Each of our floor plans has stylized exterior choices designed by our Architects. It’s easy to find one you like!

Second, focus on color combinations. What shade of brick, stone and paint colors do you like? Our large sized samples in our design studios in combination with our expert design consultants and exterior visualizers will help you create the curb appeal of your dreams.


2. How would you recommend someone prepare for a design appointment when building their new home?

At Drees, we want to make sure we build the home around YOU! Deciding what style and colors you like ahead of time can go a long way in helping you narrow down our wide range of material and finish options at our design centers. Here are a couple quick questions to ask yourself before you get started:

  1. Do you prefer warm tones like creams and beiges, or cool tones like whites and grays?
  2. What would you consider your style? Contemporary, Traditional, and Farmhouse are a couple popular ones for our buyers!
  3. Look for inspiration! Check out the Drees Homes Pinterest page for images that inhibit the overall feel you want for your new home.

BRY-0056-A_Sumlin A_Living 2

3. How does someone that is not design-savvy go about making the right choices for their home?

Not to worry! You’ll be working one-on-one with one of our professional Design Consultants. Our design team is selected based on a combination of experience and education in interior design, so they love what they do and they know just how to take the stress out of designing your home. They are great at guiding our home buyers in their material, finish, and personalization choices based on their needs and lifestyle. You’ll be amazed at the home we can help you create!


Westgate F at ShearwaterHave additional inquiries? Be sure to leave them on our Facebook page. So we can answer them in our next question and answer session!

See you next week!

Alexa Drees

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