Episode 5: How to Create “WOW” Factor in the Heart of the Home

Hi there! Welcome to the “Ask Alexa” series. I’m Alexa Drees, the Design Center Director at Drees Homes, and I’m excited to bring you weekly tips, advice, and answers to your dilemmas to help make designing your dream home an easy and enjoyable process. Each week, I’ll be rolling out a new feature. (If you missed our first four videos, you can watch them here.)

In our inaugural month, we kicked off the series with a discussion on all things backsplash. We covered strategic considerations to help you feel confident and secure in your design decision. This week, we’ll take a deeper dive into the kitchen, going beyond the backsplash and suggesting other ways you can create major “WOW” factor.

Get the biggest bang for your buck.


There are so many ways to “WOW” in the kitchen. In particular, cabinets are prime real estate for adding a zap of personality. Choosing multiple cabinet colors can give your space a designer edge. At the Drees Design Center, we help homeowners get the perfect mix by tapping into their unique taste. Dark and rich, or light and airy, we can help select the perfect palette for this high traffic area of the home.

Make a statement.


I’ve worked with homeowners who turned their kitchen island into an accent piece by choosing a bold signature color. Doing this can spice up clean, contemporary designs by adding another layer of color to compliment more subtle wall paint and décor. The options are especially endless when you go with white or off-white main cabinets, which are currently popular.

Take it a step further.


Now let’s talk other ways you can create a premium kitchen space. The island doesn’t always have to be the showpiece. The cabinetry isn’t the only place that you can flaunt a splash of color. Wooden hoods, glass wall cabinets or even sink and range base cabinets are hot spots for a dab of baby blue or rustic red. It is an unconventional way to design colorful accent pieces that aren’t overly fussy.

We also have a variety of cabinetry add-ons…think trim used for additional impact, crown moulding for a grand presentation, and under-cabinet lighting to illuminate the space.

Next week, we’ll be covering smart selections for home lighting. For the first look at our new segments, be sure to follow along on Facebook. We look forward to having you join us on this journey of design explorations!

All the best,
Alexa Drees

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