A Heartwarming Note from a Drees Homeowner

We love hearing from our homeowners. The fact that a homeowner takes time to acknowledge our efforts, especially eight years after closing, means the world to us. Here’s a note we recently received from a Cleveland homeowner:

Dear David,

Eight years ago, we built as your people said “a blown-out Yardley” in Beachwood, OH.

Building with Drees is not our only time building a home – but it’s far and way the possible homebuilding experience. From inception until today, we have dealt with Drees people, who do everything they say they will do…on time, on price and the first time.

My wife says that I am a walking advertisement for your company. She is correct!

We built a home in Chicago recently as we live in both cities. We were disappointed when we found out that Drees does not build in Chicago.

I was blown away by the professionalism and loyalty of all the employees we worked with. However, I would be remiss if I did not single out your quality/warranty person, Bill Stasko. In the almost nine years we have lived in the house, we had two relatively minor, but complicated issues. On both occasions, Bill was attentive and responsive, not to mention relentless in solving our two issues to our total satisfaction.

In closing, I will just say that your family and yourself should take great pride in owning a company that manifests excellence. My hero in business was W. Edwards Deming. I think he could have listed your company as one of his examples.

Be well,

P.S. When we built our Beachwood house, our project foreman, Kris Kline, was incredible.

We aspire to provide great customer service and hope that our commitment to quality will have a long-lasting impact for the homeowner as it did for Carl.

For more details regarding opportunities to build in the Cleveland/Northeast Ohio area, contact Amy Wood, our New Home Specialist, or for more information on current communities, visit dreeshomes.com.

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