Episode 3: Quick Tips for Making Savvy Kitchen Selections

Hi there! Welcome to the “Ask Alexa” series. I’m Alexa Drees, the Design Center Director at Drees Homes, and I’m excited to bring you weekly tips, advice, and answers to your dilemmas to help make designing your dream home an easy and enjoyable process. Each week, I’ll be rolling out a new feature. (If you missed our first two videos, you can watch them here.)

In our inaugural spotlight, we kicked off the series with a discussion on all things backsplash. We covered strategic considerations to help you feel confident and secure in your design decision. Last week, we took a deeper dive into smart material and color selections for backsplashes as well as touched on the backsplash styles we’re seeing less of these days.

Today, we’re sharing common scenarios that we experience while working along side homeowners at the Design Center and how we can help lighten the load when it comes to making material selections.

For the homeowners who can’t make up their mind, rest assured.


Since building a home is an investment, homeowners sometimes struggle to make final decisions on their selections. The thought that the styles you pick today must stick for the next five, ten, fifteen years can be daunting.

Rest assured, the purpose of the Drees Design Center is to make the process of selecting your materials and finishes as easy as possible. For example, our Design Centers showcase kitchen vignettes in every style, so that you can see and compare ideas in one place. Our professional Design Consultants are great at offering advice and recommendations to guide you in making the best decision for your lifestyle.  We promise that you’ll always have a knowledgeable guide there by your side.

For the homeowners who wants something adventurous, go with what you love.


When thinking about longevity, many homeowners play it safe, hoping a common selections choice will help with their long-term home value. But I say, if you love it, go for it! If you select a material or style that is just okay in your mind, you’ll grow tired of it.

Just the other day, I was working with a homebuyer who I could tell was settling for a backsplash. The backsplash looked good, but it wasn’t popping for her and I could tell she wasn’t in love with it. I made a couple of suggestions that allowed her to explore a new direction and her eyes lit up. Once I saw her face, I knew that was the best choice for her.

For the homeowners who don’t have a clue what they want, we’re here to guide you.


While we believe material, color and style is very important, you have to keep in mind how your family will live in the space. Our Design Consultants are not only there as a resource for what’s trending and what looks good together, but they’re also there to educate you about the materials, textures and applications that are the best fit for your lifestyle. For example, what is going to work for a couple with no kids who loves takeout, may not be the best choice for a family of five who loves to cook.

Next week, we’ll be responding to homeowner submissions. For the first look at our new segments, be sure to follow along on Facebook. We look forward to having you join us on this journey of design explorations!

All the best,
Alexa Drees

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