Dressing Your Drees Home for the Fall: A Homeowner Spotlight

We’re thrilled to introduce Emily Kennedy, a Drees homeowner in Cincinnati and author of Two Purple Couches, a home design and DIY blog. Emily and her husband, Tom, selected the Davidson floor plan, and in December of 2011, moved into their new Drees home. Six years later, Emily continues to craft a home that is reflective of her passion for purple – hints the two purple couches – and her family’s lifestyle, including a new baby on the way.

We sat down with Emily to get her take on decorating her Drees home for the fall season.

You’ve done a wonderful job making your house a home through all of your personal decorating touches. What is your philosophy when it comes to decorating for the seasons or holidays?

Emily: My philosophy applies to everyday decorating as well as seasonal decorating – let your personality and style shine through. Don’t feel that you have to stick to conventional decor or textbook styles. Mix and match what you love, include sentimental pieces, use your favorite colors—whatever makes your home feel like you , do that!


What design elements do you think are hot trends this fall?


Simplicity – “Less is more” seems to be a popular overall philosophy in home decor right now.

Texture – I’ve been seeing a lot of thick, chunky knits, and of course, the woven wall hanging trend is still going strong.

Unconventional Color Palettes – While they’re classic colors, autumn decorations don’t have to be confined to oranges, reds and browns anymore. From deep navy tones to bright purples and even pinks, I’ve seen a rainbow of decorations this year. I personally love it! I decorate with a lot of purples and jewel tones; it’s been fun to reimagine fall decorating with these different colors.

See how I used purple painted pumpkins to decorate a fall table and my family room mantel here and here.


What are three easy changes homeowners can make to their own space to welcome in the season?

Emily: Think of what is fresh and in-season for both inside and out. A bouquet of store-bought sunflowers or a bowl of apples on your kitchen table instantly adds a seasonal touch. Outside, potted mums or a few pumpkins on your front porch create a welcoming fall entry.

Opt for texture. This could be as simple as draping a woven or plush throw blanket on your favorite chair. Or you can go a little further and change out accent pillows, table linens, even a rug for options with thicker textures.

Add one seasonal statement piece to your decor. This could be a wreath, a new piece of seasonally-inspired art, or a vase or other decor item to display. You don’t need to give each room a floor-to-ceiling makeover to celebrate the season!

Find more of my seasonal porch decorating ideas here and here.


A special thanks to Emily allow us to take a peek inside her Drees home! You can follow along with Emily’s decorating advertures and DIY projects at twopurplecouches.com.

For additional inspiration from real Drees homes, visit the Idea Gallery under “Design Center” at dreeshomes.com.

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