How to Create a Fall-Friendly Home

With cooler temperatures settling in, we’re jumping for joy that fall is around the corner. The pleasant atmosphere, coupled with our favorite fall traditions, has us wanting to lengthen the outdoor season as long as possible. Here’s how to take outdoor living to a new level when building your home:


1. Plan on Cozying Up for Cooler Months

Yes, we agree…s’mores are no-brainer when it comes to reasons to consider an outdoor fire pit or fireplace at home. Moving beyond the typical fire pit, consider a more permanent feature that is not only functional, but also serves as a beautiful focal point. Plus, with a built-in fireplace, you’ll able to extend your days outdoors a little longer and cozy up in cooler months.

To make the most of this space, we recommend a basket of blankets nearby. Between the blankets to help offset the evening chill, a roaring fire and a handcrafted cocktail (or mocktail), you’ll be set with everything you need to savior the season.


2. Get Game-Day Ready

Utilize your outdoor living area as the perfect space to set up shop on game day. With built-in TV hook-ups, you can view the big game while also enjoying the perks of the patio. With separate zones for lounging, dining and buffet setup, you’ll be able to accommodate a crowd with ease.

Start your pre-game planning with a sneak peek at these crowd-pleasing recipes.

3. Consider Screened-In for the Win


While we love the color-changing leaves, we’d all prefer to go without the mess. Not only are screened-in porches an excellent idea to keep the summer misquotes away, they also provide shelter from free-floating elements in the fall. You’ll enjoy the views, the breeze and can go bug- and leave-free all season long.

How do you plan to create a perfect patio retreat this fall?

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