Make Back-to-School a Breeze with Built-in Solutions

Organizers and office supply lovers unite as we spring into back-to-school mode. While the thought of sparkly new supplies and the return of the routine excites some, it can also be accompanied by a daunting feeling for others. With an always on-the-go school and extra-circular schedule, it’s smart to have a home that is designed around your family’s needs, making getting out the door an effortless process. To help wheel in your worries, we’re rolling out a list of smart solutions you can consider when designing your home.

The Family Foyer


A staple in many of our home designs, the family foyer serves as convenient drop zone. This space is commonly comprised of a bench, hooks and a shelf. Although, there are many options for a more robust design think cubbies and cabinets.

The family foyer is located near the garage door in the interior of the home. It makes the perfect place for storing backpacks, sports bags and other out-the-door essentials. Plus, it helps you contain the mess with storage in one go-to spot.

The Pocket Office


Separate from the study, a pocket office is smartly situated in a hall or corner spot of the kitchen. It provides a space for mail organization, quick bill pay and technology charging.

Not to mention, the pocket office offers a dedicated surface space for homework. No need to clean up when dinner time comes around because you need extra space. Your child can easily pick up where he or she left off.

The Family Ready Room


The family ready room…when the family foyer and pocket office just aren’t big enough to do the job. Have a large family? Perhaps the family ready room is more your speed.

Family ready rooms typically include a laundry area, family foyer-style drop zone, and work surface. Whether your work area consists of a pocket office, a laundry-folding station or an arts and crafts spot, that’s up to you! You can even build in a dog wash – whatever your heart desires!

The Masterfully-Designed Pantry


A well-appointed pantry is every organizer’s dream, but you don’t have to be a fanatic to appreciate the ease this will bring into your daily routine.

A working pantry provides a place for appliances to set up shop. No need to clutter up the counter with one appliance after another or store your toaster back in the drawer after you finished making toast. Keep your kitchen clean by allowing your countertop appliances and other bulky supplies to live in the pantry.

Additionally, a pantry gives you an at-a-glance view of your food supply. Having the options visible makes grabbing a snack or packing lunches a breeze for you and your child.

Have you dreamed up your ideal design? For additional inspiration, visit the Idea Gallery under “Design Center” at

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