Today’s Rising Home Design Trends

As Heidi Klum would say just before crushing the dreams of some fledgling designer on the Project Runway catwalk, “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” As it is in fashion, so it is in home design. Some trends endure (we’re looking at you, stainless steel), some evolve and some are forgotten as quickly as they’re taken up.

Here’s what our Drees Homes design experts are seeing as today’s rising trends in home design:

Formal dining rooms: The formal dining room is making a comeback, encouraging thoughtful meals and more intentional gatherings with family and friends.


Add a pop of color and modern light fixtures to give your traditional dining room a contemporary twist.

The dining room is the perfect canvas to make a statement. Here’s an example of how you can express your unique style through the details of a room.


Dining rooms don’t have to be stuffy. By incorporating a bold rug and rustic accents, you can create a fun and approachable living space.

Mismatched cabinets: Rules? What rules? Somebody a long time ago probably said your cabinets had to match. They were wrong.


Create vintage-inspired sophistication with white cabinets and a dark wooden island.

Less is (sometimes) more. Try using a neutral color palette of white and grey to create a kitchen with a clean and modern feel.


Your island is a statement piece. Select a color that speaks to your personal style to separate you from the rest of the pack.

Accent ceilings: Move over accent walls, statement ceilings are the newest space to show personality in a home.

Highlight the architecture of a room by painting beams a different shade. Here, bright-white beams shine against neutral paint and décor.


Consider adding trim to mimic architectural zones in an open-concept floor plan. The simple, grid-style ceiling pattern below creates significance and unifies the space. Notice how your eye travels all of the way up to the ceiling producing visual interest throughout.


Create drama by using a distinctive ceiling color. Here’s an example of how a bold ceiling color can tie the entire room together:


From the avocado kitchen appliances of the ‘70s to chevron-inspired everything, we’ve seen trends come and go. It’s hard to predict shelf life, but we think these three trends have staying power.

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