Homeowners Love the New Oakdale Floor Plan!

One of the first decisions you will make when designing your new home is the floor plan. Are you looking for open space, formal space, casual space, a place to work from home? Whatever you are looking for there our new and exciting floor plans being developed every day at Drees. One of our newest designs is the Oakdale and we were lucky enough to hear from second time Drees homeowners, Alan and Stacey,  about their new home and their experience:

Who lives in your new Drees home?
Alan, Stacy and our 11-year-old son, Gracin, live here.

What word would you use to describe your new home?
We have been amazed at how taken our friends and family have been with our house. They have been so complimentary of how “open” the floor plan is, how “liveable and flowing” the house is, and so many other adjectives to describe how impressive it is. But one word has stuck out the most, and that’s character. So many different ones have commented on simply how much character the house has.


What is your favorite part about the Oakdale floor plan?
While there are multiple areas of the house that impress us and stick out in our minds, without a doubt, the living, kitchen and dining area are our favorite. With the high ceiling, cedar beams, rock fireplace, oversized island, etc., this area is perfect for us to live and share most moments of our day. This house is a perfect blend of impressive but homey all at the same time.


How was your overall experience with Drees?
In 2010 we built with Drees and had a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, work moved us away 4 years later. But as we recently moved back to the Nashville area we felt extremely comfortable in saying that we wanted to work with Drees again. I don’t know of a greater compliment I could give to a builder than to use them a second time.


Congrats Alan and Stacey on your beautiful home and may you have wonderful memories for years to come!

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