Homeowner Spotlight: My Dream Drees Kitchen

Most homeowners will agree, the kitchen is the hub of the home. The modern kitchen’s role has shifted in many ways towards becoming a dining room, gathering place, work space, and much more. Because of its multi-functional nature, it’s definitely not surprising that designing a dream kitchen is a main focus when building a new home.

Whether you’re a self proclaimed chef, or not, it’s important to consider how the kitchen will cater to your family, and your lifestyle.

Kelly Lorio built her dream home with us in 2014. Kelly lives with her husband, two dogs, and her adult son who will always have a room in their home. Kelly was open and excited to chat with us about all things concerning her kitchen design process with Drees.

Here’s a snapshot of our Q&A’s:

How did you feel about the process of designing your kitchen?

I loved the Drees process. It was so easy. I knew exactly what I wanted, so narrowing items down to a final choice wasn’t that difficult, but working with the great staff helped make the process run smoothly.

Let’s talk finishes – when making selections for your kitchen, what’s something you knew you had to have?

Something I knew I had to have in my kitchen was this particular granite I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.  And my eye was really caught by these modern clear glass pendant lights that we used over our island.

How well does your kitchen function for daily use?

The layout of the kitchen works very well. We have a lot of company from out of town throughout the year and the kitchen is where everyone congregates. There’s plenty of room for several people to be in the kitchen at the same time.

What’s your #1 favorite feature of your kitchen?

My #1 favorite feature of my kitchen is that it’s open to our family room. We basically live in those two rooms, and the layout welcomes conversation.

What’s a comment you hear a lot about your kitchen when you’re entertaining?

I usually get WOW comments about the granite, and how much counter space and storage there is available.

What’s something your Drees kitchen offers that you’ve never enjoyed in a previous home?

My Drees kitchen has double ovens and a gas cook-top. I’ve never had that before. I have more storage in my kitchen than I can fill with tons of counter space and a huge walk-in pantry. I enjoy all of that, although I have to admit my husband does almost all of the cooking!

After Kelly’s building experience she decided to come and work with Drees, so she could help others build their dream home! Kelly is currently the market manager at Fountain Brooke and helps her future neighbors design the perfect home and kitchen for the way they live.

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