So Smart It’s Guaranteed

At Drees we go above and beyond to build smarter, more efficient homes. The result? Lower energy usage. Guaranteed.

DreeSmart is our proprietary whole-house integrated system that combines energy-saving innovations with rigorous third party-inspections and guarantees.  As an Environments for Living certified partner, we can guarantee your Drees home’s annual heating- and cooling- related energy usage as well as the comfort of your new home.

2015_Smart Panel 6ft_STANDARD

So what’s all this mean to you? It means building a smarter, more comfortable dream home.

You should feel at ease the moment you set foot in your custom Drees home. Here are a few ways DreeSmart technology can give you the warm and fuzzies, all year round.

  1. Complete thermal enclosure – we source only the toughest, most durable building materials to ensure your home is solid from the start. Meaning indoor air stays cooler in the summer and cozier in the winter.
  2. The latest heating and cooling systems – each home is equipped with the industry’s leading heating and cooling systems, as well as smart thermostats that let you customize and control your home’s climate. Meaning quiet, reliable HVAC units and customizable comfort.

Even more, we can guarantee the temperature at the location of your thermostat will not vary more than +/- 3 degrees from the temperature at the center of any conditioned room within that thermostat zone. And if you have a room that does not meet this limited comfort guarantee, we’ll fix it.

To learn more about DreeSmart, click here and for more information about our Environments for Living guarantee, click here.

2015_Smart Panel 6ft_STANDARD

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