2017: Forecasting the year’s most desirable home design trends

As we wrap up January and come off the high of the holidays, we’re settling into our homes that are now stripped of seasonal décor. Some might call it simple and clean, while others might feel their home now feels bare. Regardless, the New Year has us excited to try something new. You might be making an annual home goal list or planning a new home purchase all together.

To help you solidify your plans, we’re sharing our top five home design predictions for 2017. Paige Foss, a Drees designer, provided us with ideas and insights straight from the land of architecture excellence. You’ll find that these desired design features are all about comfort and functionality, but with a sense of style. You’ll also notice that some staple spaces, like the laundry and office, which have always been a part of the family home, are getting major makeovers.

Ultimately, changes in lifestyle preferences are redefining a new norm for home design.

1. Laundry Room Luxury

For years, kitchens and bathrooms have been a focus, but the laundry room is gaining speed as a trend-setting piece of the new home puzzle. Designers are working hard to bring in more light, smarter storage options and overall functionality to a space where homeowners spend a good amount of time. While we refer to the larger rooms as “Family Ready Rooms,” even smaller or more normal-sized spaces will see an increased interest in this trend.


2. Expansive Windows

Connecting the outdoor lifestyle to the home’s interior will be important for new home designs. Be on the lookout for exterior walls that flood a home with natural light and rooms that incorporate more than one wall of glass.


3. Sleek and Spa-like Owner’s Suites

Life is getting more hectic. People are on the go. When they get home, they want to relax and refresh. For years, we have seen the spa-like bath features on the rise in our master bathrooms, but now the look is now more simple and fresh, with natural light.  Just think: sleek and modern, with a touch of warmth.


4. Purging of the Study

As technology gets smaller and more mobile, many homeowners are seeing less value in a dedicated study, but they still need a place to store the essentials. (This, of course, does not include those who might still use an actual home office.) Enter: the docking station. At Drees, we have referred to this as our Pocket Office: a place to store your printer and other supplies and a spot to rest your laptop when it isn’t being used throughout the home.


5. Maturing Home Automation

In recent years, home technology has come a long way, but with Amazon’s Alexa opening its platform to third parties like Lutron, Crestron, Nest, Honeywell and Samsung smart home, and with Google Home’s latest launch, the era of voice-activated home assistants is closing in. Customers who are tech-savvy will love the ability to keep connected at home, and others who just want to dabble in the automation world will like the convenience of checking on things while they are away.


Designer Bonus:

Keep in mind there are still several trends we see as rolling, which have remained a focus for buyers over the last several years. For example, we don’t expect open concept living and favor for big kitchens with massive islands and expansive cabinetry to go anywhere.


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