Five Easy Ways to Turn Your bedroom into a Master Retreat

You begin and end every day in the same place: your bedroom. It’s where you wake up and curl up, recharge and unwind. Your bedroom is the most personal place in your home, so isn’t it time you gave it a little TLC?

To help you give your bedroom the royal treatment, we’ve identified 5 easy ways to create your very own master retreat. Employ even just a few of the below ideas and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying an at- home oasis.

Keep it simple.

Keep furniture, knickknacks and clutter to a minimum. Your master retreat is your sanctuary. Filling it with distractions will only, well, distract you from truly feeling at peace.


Add a touch of green.

If you haven’t yet discovered the simple magic of indoor plants, here’s your first tip: try adding Lavender, Jasmine or Gardenia to your bedroom. Natural Living Ideas recommends these three (among others) for their calming and cleansing effects. House plants improve the air quality- and they’ll look terrific in your bedroom.


Set a color scheme.

Avoid loud, splashy colors and patterns in the bedroom. Instead, opt for a softer, simpler color scheme. Try neutral tones to set a spa-like Zen, grays to calm and soothe, or cool blues to feel refreshed.



Splurge on bedding.

High-quality bedding is a must for every master retreat. It looks better, feels better and lasts longer. When you’re ready to upgrade your linens, first find a fabric that’s best for you. Do you like bamboo or cotton? Cool or cozy? Once you’ve established a fabric preference, you can look at colors and designs.


Customize your lighting.

For overhead lighting, choose light bulbs that emit a soft, warm, white light. Hang a chandelier near the center of the room to catch and reflect natural light – you’d be surprised at how much it can brighten a space. Finally, add a couple stylish bedside lamps for reading.




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