Five Reason to Buy Your New Home Before 2017

Are you considering purchasing a new home, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet? Now may be the best time of the year to buy your new dream home. Check out our top five reasons to buy a new home before 2017.

housemoneyTax Savings – If you close on your new home before December 31, you can deduct mortgage interest, property taxes and closing costs on your 2016 tax returns. You may only spend a few weeks in your new home during 2016, but you could save thousands on your taxes.

interesthikeLow Interest Rates – The Federal Reserve continues to hold steady on interest rates, but they could start creeping up again any time. Once the election season is over and Washington settles down, it’s anyone’s guess what might happen to rates.

homesearchMore Selection and Less Competition – The fall and winter months are generally slow in the real estate market. With fewer buyers in the market, you’ll have a greater selection of homes to choose from and you’ll likely find more motivated sellers.


Available Movers – Moving companies have much greater availability to help you move during the quieter fall and winter months. You shouldn’t face a 4-6 week waiting list to get moved into your new home.

newkeysFresh Start for the New Year – Buy your new home now and you can ring in the New Year from the comfort of your dream home. You can host a New Year’s Eve bash for your family and friends to show off your new place.

Visit to find your new dream home today and celebrate 2017 in your new home.

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