Simply Seasonal: Fall Mantel Inspiration

The Fall Mantel: The centerpiece of every fall-lover’s home. A shrine to the season, if you will. A decorative mantel can really brighten a space. But when it comes to creating them, we follow one simple rule: make a statement ­– not a mess.

Most of us know the feeling of looking at a bare mantel and wondering just how exactly to bring it to life.

So how do you get from here to there? To get off to a proper start, we  suggest that instead of cramming an entire forest above your fireplace, design a mantel that expresses what you love most about the season. And whether that’s the leaves, lattes or cool October breeze, there’s a way to bring it to life in your living space.

To help you get started, we’ve paired materials, textures and statement ideas with three different color schemes. Use these lists as inspiration to create a mantel that is so you. And don’t be afraid to mix and match – as custom home experts, we’re all for personalization.

Naturally Neutral

Materials and textures: burlap, twine, wicker, glass.

Main décor:

  • White and cream pumpkins and gourds
  • Wheat, baby’s-breath or natural cotton bouquets
  • Dried wildflowers arranged in glass mason jars
  • Succulents potted in elegant white vases

Statement piece: Using a Polaroid camera, take some fall photos of your favorite park or outdoor space. Hang the pictures on a twine clothesline across your mantel, and you’ve got a room with a view all season long.

First Frost

Materials and textures: whitewashed wood, galvanized metal, mirrors, frosted glass.

Main décor:

White and gray pumpkins and gourds

  • Green apples and pears
  • Succulents potted in galvanized metal pails
  • Large turquoise, aqua or dark blue candles

Statement piece: Frame your mantel with whitewashed wood shutters for a rustic-chic feel. Or, to open and lighten your living space, use a vintage mirror as your mantel’s centerpiece.

Warm at Hearth

Materials and textures: burlap, twine, brick, birch bark.

Main décor:

  • Rich, brightly colored pumpkins and gourds
  • Indian corn arranged in glass canisters
  • Wheat bouquets tied with twine
  • Mini birch-log bundles

Statement piece: On a chalkboard, sketch or write the recipe for your favorite fall drink. Place the board in the center of your mantel to create a cozy coffee-shop vibe.

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