Family Fun and Functionality Starts Here!

Family living spaces have truly become a staple of the home by either becoming a place for spending quality time together, or offering essential functionality for the way families live today. Opting to include a unique family area in your Drees custom home is a great way to provide the perfect place to enjoy family time, keep things organized, and everything in-between.

Depending on where you live and the home you select, Drees offers many choices to create the custom family living spaces you’ve been dreaming of.

The Family Rec Room

At-home family recreation time will never go out of style. Creating a space in your home that welcomes a fun and relaxed environment is easy when you include game boards, video gaming capabilities, flat screen TV, and bar for food and drinks. These rooms are great for bringing friends and family together for making lasting memories.

Rec Room


The Family Foyer

The family foyer offers a place where you can manage the practicality of your family’s daily routine with adequate storage for electronics, backpacks, purses and more. The family foyer is a space that encourages kids of all ages to put away everything as soon as they come in the door.


The Family Ready Room

While the family ready room lends itself to being the laundry room, it is much more than that. The family ready room is a space available in some of our floor plans that promotes space for crafting, school projects, and in some cases even pet care.


The Media/Game Room

The media room is similar to the family rec room due to its multipurpose nature, but this space is more movie and games focused. Outfitted with a flat-screen television, boasting surround sound, cozy seating, and stocked up with all the gaming necessities (board games and video games!), your kids will never want to come out of this room. Make use of this room by inviting friends over for game night or movie night- you can’t go wrong!


Why wait? Create memories in your custom family living area in your new Drees home today. Learn more by visiting Drees Homes.

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