Get Your Home Back-to-School Ready!

It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down and back-to-school time has arrived. Between searching for the perfect backpack and attempting to get back on a regular schedule, many parents dread the back-to-school rush. At Drees, we love helping people build homes that make their life at home a little easier, and a lot more organized. By creating dedicated study spaces and utilizing built-in organization in your home, you can help your kids (not to mention yourself!) ease into the new school year.

Study Spaces

Make kids a space for both work and play by combining a comfortable lounge with a dedicated study zone. The chalkboard wall is a great place to leave reminders for the whole family.


Are your kids having a hard time finishing their summer reading? These cozy reading nooks could be what they’re missing…


Teens need a place to focus, too. With plenty of shelving and youthful accents, this study is the perfect oasis for homework.



After a summer of fun, it’s hard to get back into the swing of things. Make it easier by installing hooks in your child’s bedroom where you can  prepare morning clothes and must-haves.


Encourage good study habits from an early age by including a comfortable desk in their bedroom. A desk with lots of drawers will keep all of their school supplies organized.

1Looking for art to hang in your child’s bedroom? Use a map or pieces of music as a fun centerpiece to keep both sides of their brain working!


Organization spaces

Mornings are always hectic. By keeping backpacks, shoes and other necessities in one space, you can get out the door faster.


The baskets under this bench are perfect for odds and ends that don’t have a dedicated space elsewhere.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it makes sense to use this space to get organized. By using chalkboard paint as a backsplash, you can leave friendly reminders and establish areas for things like homework and mail.


From dedicated study spaces to built-in organizational areas, Drees can build a home that’s so you and perfect for you. Like what you see? Visit our Pinterest  and Facebook pages for more tips, tricks and inspiration.

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