Drees Builds a Home for an American Hero

When Joey and Jayme Bozik walked into the Oakley model home at Windsong Ranch in July 2015, Market Manager Sandy Clark knew this was going to be a very special project. Sitting across from her desk was a triple amputee U.S. Army veteran, his wife, and their two small children.

Joey and Jayme had a vision for a home that would accommodate Joey’s needs as well as the needs of a growing family. They had spent many hours detailing what their dream home would look and feel like.

“Thank you to each of you for sticking with us through this process! Just saying thank you is an understatement. I know each of you spent hours, days, weeks, and months of overtime just on our case, but you rose to the challenge when others wouldn’t! Thank you for fighting for us and getting this custom home made for my American hero! We could not have built our dream home without your help!” Jayme Bozik

The entire Drees team jump into the project whole-heartedly. From sales to architecture, from the builder to the design center and so many more, everyone went the extra mile to make their dream home a reality. The Drees team coordinated efforts with the couple’s lender, Realtor and Veterans Affairs (VA) to ensure all requirements were met.

“Once the buyers gave me their ideas and sketches, we were able to work with architecture and the VA to come up with a plan what was acceptable to all parties,” said Clark. “The grant program required specific guidelines that had to be met in order for the home to qualify for a Specially Adaptive Housing Grant.”

Drees Builder Kevin Dennings said the construction was not that difficult once he had all the specifications. He noted the home’s adaptations include zero thresholds, widened doorways and halls throughout to allow Joey to access all rooms of the home and to enter and exit on his own. The kitchen is designed to allow Joey to easily access both the cooktop and kitchen sink.

The master bathroom was a special project in and of itself. It includes a fold up teakwood shower bench, grab bars, enlarged shower, and wheelchair access to the vanity. The bath was also designed to accommodate a wheelchair turn radius, a comfort level commode, and a prosthesis changing area.

“It was an honor to help this American Vet and his family get the home of their dreams that would accommodate all their needs,” said Dennings.

In addition to the VA loan, the lender, Realtor and Drees all contributed to the Homes for Hero’s program whereby monies were given back to the veteran. The homebuyers were extremely grateful and highly satisfied with the home. They love the Drees Team!

The Service of an American Hero

Joey Bozik, joined the U.S. Army in 2000 and served until 2006. He was initially stationed in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. He was in the 118 Military Police and deployed as part of “Operation Enduring Freedom 2003” in Afghanistan. In 2004, he was part of the “Operation Iraqi Freedom” where he sustained his injuries October 27, 2004. He spent a year and a half recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C. and was medically retired in 2006.

Joey Bozik is currently president of the We Defy Foundation whose mission is to help combat and disabled veterans. For more information go to www.wedefyfoundation.org.

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