Easy Ways to Make Your Home Exterior Shine

There’s nothing like a squeaky clean home, from the outside in! The best time to work on getting your home exterior to look like new again is in the warmer months. We’ve gathered up 4 easy ways to make your home shine this summer.



Washing Off Dirt and Debris

Pressure washers are handy to clean off dirt and debris from your home exterior. Pressure washers come with an assortment of spray tips and instruction to follow so that you can exercise caution by choosing the right amount of pressure to be used per project. You’ll have different spray options and spray tips to use; from the high-pressure pinpoint spray to a wider, low-pressure spray. Siding and many other exterior surfaces can be cleaned with a low-pressure spray tip, and in many cases a garden hose will do just as well.

Cleaning your Deck

Pressure-washers are also great to use on your deck with medium pressure. The trick is to keep the spray moving. Again, exercise caution, and don’t rest in one spot for too long or it could permanently damage the surface! When completed, apply a wood preservative to help prevent water damage and discoloration.

De-Junk the Gutters

Removing debris isn’t only a fall chore in some yards; many trees drop litter in spring and summer. While you’re clearing the gutters, also check for cracks in the seams. You can use an old chisel to scrape the old caulking out and dry the area thoroughly. Use new caulking to keep water from getting behind the gutters and damaging the boards.

Pruning the Flowers

Deadhead spent flowers in your planters and container gardens. Removing faded blooms does more than neaten things up; it directs the plant’s energy away from making seeds and into producing more foliage and, in the case of many species, more flowers.

We hope this helps you feel more in-the-know on the upkeep of your home. Be sure to check out Handy Homeowner for more tips and info.

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