Get the Summer Party Started!

Planning to entertain this summer? Everyone loves a well crafted get-together. If you’re looking forward to opening up your home for good times with friends or family this summer, read on!

But First, Be Cool

As a host, it’s your job to make everyone in your home feel comfortable and relaxed. If you’re running around in a state of panic, your guests are going to feel like they’re an inconvenience. Instead, focus on putting out relaxed energy that reveals how happy you are to have people over.

Set the Mood

Lighting plays a really important part in setting the mood for a dinner party. You should have several sources of light that are on dimmers (they’re simple to install), set at various heights. Distribute light evenly so that it casts a soft, ambient glow that’s soothing and not harsh.

Kick it Off Right

Don’t feel like you have to have everything finished before guests arrive! Most of the time there’s still tending to the main course to be done or other various kitchen duties, don’t sweat it. Having some things undone creates a friendly environment that doesn’t feel uptight. There are some things though, that should be set ahead of time. For instance, music, drinks, and appetizers should be ready to be enjoyed upon arrival.

Approachable Food Presentation

When putting together appetizers, they should be visually appealing, but not intimidating. For instance, if you have a cheese plate, make sure it doesn’t look too pretty to eat. Slice a piece or two from the cheese and eat a couple of olives ahead of time so that when guests arrive, they’re encouraged to dive right in.

Timing is Everything

The timing of a dinner party has a lot to do with what you’re serving, but it’s generally advisable to adhere to the idea that from the time people arrive to the point when everyone sits down for dinner, should be around 45 minutes. This gives guests time to nibble on appetizers, have a drink, and get comfortable with other people at the party.

Now all you have to do is decide when this fantastic get-together will be, and who’s invited!

Group Of Mature Friends Enjoying Dinner Party At Home

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