Back Yard Summer Fun for All Ages!

Summer is just beginning and school is barely out, but entertaining the kids may already be a challenge. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for summer family fun, check out these great DIY games and activities meant to be enjoyed in your own back yard.


  1. Memory Game – Draw pairs of pictures, shapes or even letters and numbers on pieces of card stock. Lay the cards across the lawn and take turns trying to find and match the pairs. The person with the most pairs at the end of the game wins.
  2. Pool Noodle Race Track – Cut a pool noodle in half and elevate one end of the two pieces on a lawn chair or other surface. Use the center channel as a race track for small cars and trucks.
  3. Lawn Checkers – Turn a plastic tarp into a checkerboard with a little spray paint. When the board is ready use different color Frisbees for checkers.
  4. Twister – Take this classic game to the back yard by spray painting brightly colored circles on the grass. As the lawn grows simply mow off the paint. If you prefer to avoid painting, draw circles on your driveway with sidewalk chalk.
  5. Giant Jenga – Cut 2×4 boards into 10” lengths to create your giant Jenga pieces. Start building your tower on the driveway or sidewalk and let the stacking and balancing begin.
  6. Bottle Bowling – Collect 10 soda bottles to use as your bowling pins and grab a tennis ball or other small rubber ball to use a your bowling ball. To make the game more challenging for older kids, partially fill the bottles with water so they are harder to tip over.
  7. Back Yard Scrabble – Create giant Scrabble tiles by printing letters on card stock and then let the kids start building words across the back yard. It’s both fun and educational.

These are just a few great ways to connect with the kids and have a little fun in your own back yard!  We love to inspire you with great ideas for where life happens, so be sure to visit here for more Handy Homeowner tips and info!


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