So, What Are Agrihoods Anyway?

[ag-ri-hoo d]

1. suburban living based around community farms.
2. veering away from typical amenities such as tennis courts and golf courses, focusing more on farms and gardens.
3. community centered around a real, functional farm.
4. offering homebuyers both practical and emotional benefits, building on themes such as health, wellness and local food production
5. educating the next generation

The Willowsford community farm provides produce, eggs, chickens and other local, sustainably grown and produced items for residents, as well as offers neighborhood culinary classes and food education. If the community doesn’t grow or raise it, they work with local producers who have the same standards they do.

Willowsford is one of about 200 farm-to-table communities that have sprouted up in the U.S. Just like Willowsford, these “agrihoods” are redefining the image of suburban life by making farming the community focus.

The community also provides educational events and activities, as well as acts as a distribution point for local businesses that sell sustainably raised meats, dairy products, and poultry.

Willowsford has 2,000 acres of conservancy lands which includes the farm. In these 2,000 acres are miles of trails for residents to enjoy. Plus, they have two beautiful community buildings, the Sycamore House and The Lodge at Willow Lake, with pools, meeting areas, community kitchens, and endless other amenities.

If the agrihood type of community interests you, be sure to contact a New Home Specialist today to set up an appointment to see the current openings at the Greens at Willowsford.

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