Back-To-School Home Shopping Starts Now

With the school year just ending, it may seem ridiculous to start thinking about back-to-school season, but not if you are considering buying a new home. Early summer is one of the best and most practical times for families with children to buy a new home. If you’re thinking about a move, consider these three reasons to jump start your search.

  1. Selecting a School District – Whether you want to stay in your current school district or move to another district with a great reputation, buying during the early summer will allow you to be moved into your new home before the new school year starts. You can get the kids registered at their new schools and not experience a disruptive move during the school year.
  2. Slower Summer Schedules – It may not seem like things are slower during the summer months, but your kids certainly have less on their plates. They don’t have daily homework and or studying for tests. They may have some summer reading requirements and camp activities, but it’s a far less stressful time of year for them.
  3. Time to Meet the Neighbors and Classmates – Not only will you be settled into your new home before school starts, but buying early allows your family to meet the neighbors and your children can meet their classmates. Having some friendly faces on the bus will make the first week at a new school much smoother.

Drees has many great homes ready for you to move in now. Visit one of our model homes or contact a New Home Specialist to learn more about our communities and find you new home today.

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