Rooms to Tackle Your Busy Schedule

Today’s families have crazy schedules. Getting everyone out the door to school, work, practices, recitals and more can seem like Mission Impossible. From chauffeur to chef, you wear many hats and it can feel like everything will self-destruct at any moment.

Drees understands how busy modern families are and is designing homes to make managing your world a little easier. Family foyers, drop zones and command centers adjacent to the garage and kitchen help you organize the chaos and make it out the door quicker.

These rooms usually feature a bench, cubbies, hooks and cabinets perfect for storing backpacks, shoes and sports equipment. You may also want to include countertop space with a phone charging station. You may want to post a family calendar on the wall to keep track of everyone’s activities.

Check out these inspiring photos below for ideas on how to get your family organized. What else would you include? Let us know in the comments.

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