Choosing the Right Mulch for Your Garden

Spring brings a lot of yard maintenance, including mulching your flower beds. Mulch is good for your plants and can save you a lot of extra work. Mulch reduces evaporation from the soil, slows weed growth and gives your garden a finished and attractive look. But with so many varieties available, how do you decided which type of mulch to use? Here’s a quick overview of your options.

Shredded Bark – This is one of the most common and least expensive types of mulch. It is generally available in multiple colors from black to brown to red and lasts one to three years.

Cocoa Mulch – This mulch has a rich dark color and is fragrant for a few weeks. It can be applied as thin as one inch, but it is a bit pricier than other types.

Pine Straw – This is popular option in the South where it is readily available and low cost. It generally lasts one to two years and has an attractive burnt orange color.

Compost – Homegrown compost is inexpensive and provides wonderful nutrients for your plants; however, it only lasts up to a year.

Lava Rock – This is a great investment option because it lasts forever. Lava rock should only be used in gardens that require minimal maintenance because of its sharp edges.

Living Mulch – Ground cover plants such as vinca vine or alpine strawberries are a great alternative to traditional mulch because they never decompose, but you will need to supplement them with compost or fertilizer.

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