Keep Everyone Entertained During April Showers

Everyone is anxious to get outside and enjoy spring, but sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. When a rainy day dampens your fun, try these activities to keep the kids busy and the good times rolling.

  1. Camp Out – Even if you can’t be outside, you and the kids can pretend you are enjoying the wilderness with a campout. Set up the pop tent in the family room or just create a fort from blankets and pillows. Have a picnic in your camp site and include favorites like hot dogs and marshmallows. You could also sing camp songs or tell stories.
  2. Dance Party & Karaoke – From Kidz Bop to your favorite Disney soundtrack, let the kids get their groove on. Turn your media room or rec room into a disco with a couple strings of Christmas lights. The kids can take turns as DJ picking their favorite songs and belting out all the lyrics they know by heart. It will help burn off some energy and pass the hours easily.
  3. Art Studio & Gallery Show – Do you have a budding Van Gogh or Picasso? Pull out the crayons, construction paper and glue and let them create masterpieces. You can watch their creativity come alive. When they are done, host a gallery show by hanging their creations on string across their bedroom wall. Send a few pictures to Grandma and she can bid on her favorite piece.
  4. Board Game Marathon – Whether your tots are just learning to play board games like Candyland or Chutes and Ladders, or they’ve already perfected their strategies for Monopoly and Battleship, board games are a great rainy day activity. Most games only require two players and can include the whole family. If you’re trying to entertain a wide age range, consider creating teams so younger kids can learn from older siblings.
  5. Hide & Seek – If you need a quick game that require no props or preparation, kids young and old always love hide and seek. Youngsters get great practice counting and problem solving, while older kids get creative searching for the best hiding spot.

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