Create an Easy-Care Perennial Garden

When planning your garden, perennials give you the most bang for your buck and require the least amount of care. These hardy plants can provide a lush landscape year after year; however, not all perennials are created equal. When selecting your plants, consider the following characteristics.

  • Longevity – Look for hardy species that will provide blooms for many years.
  • Full Season Splendor – Look for plants that bloom and provide beautiful foliage throughout the season.
  • Climate Tolerance – From harsh winters to blistering summers, select plants that can withstand your local conditions.
  • Resistant – You don’t want to spend all your time and money treating your flowers to prevent disease and pest problems.

Here are some hardy options that will dazzle all season.

Black Eyed Susans – Also known as Rudbeckia, this daisy-like flower blooms from early summer to fall. The species is native to the central and eastern U.S. so it is naturally drought and insect tolerant.

Salvia – Salvia is a very versatile flower capable of surviving cold harsh winters and thriving in scorching summer heat and humidity. Also called perennial sage, it is one of only a few flowers with a beautiful deep blue color.

Coreopsis – Coreopsis is another native prairie plant that doesn’t require constant watering. Most varieties grow about 18 inches tall and feature delicate lacy foliage and bright yellow blooms.

Coneflowers – Echinacea, commonly called Coneflower, offers many dazzling hues for your garden. From purple to red to yellow, these three foot tall plants bloom from early summer to fall and are excellent for cut bouquets.

Peony – Peonies are one of the most dependable perennials you can find, some lasting decades. These fragrant flowers bloom in mid spring and provide a mound of green foliage all season.

Daylily – Daylilies require very little care. While each bloom only lasts a day, the graceful stems produce multiple buds in shades ranging from deep purple to bright yellow. They can also tolerate some shade.

Hosta – Hostas love the shade and with so many varieties they can brighten up even the shadiest garden. With solid green tones and stripes of yellow or white, as well as a range of sizes, you can create an entire garden with just this species.

We hope this helps! If you’d like a quick guide to how to have a greener lawn, visit here. And be sure to check out our other Handy Homeowner tips and info.

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