Houston is a Haven for Foodies

If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie, you might be surprised how well Houston can fill your cravings. The city recently came in at number 5 on the Washington Post’s list of “The 10 best food cities in America, ranked.” Critic Tom Sietsema traveled throughout the country visiting 271 restaurants, bars, food stores and farmers markets to compile his list.

Houston caught Sietsema’s attention because of its eclectic mix of tastes. From Vietnamese and Chinese to Mexican, Cajun and barbeque, the city’s chefs offer delectable treats to entice everyone’s palette. Click here to learn more about Sietsema’s Houston experience.

This isn’t the first time Houston’s culinary world has been in the spotlight. Other notable rankings include:

  • #1 on “America’s Best Cities for Food Snobs” list from Travel & Leisure magazine (March 2015)
  • Chef Chris Shepherd earned the James Beard Award for Best Chef Southwest (May 2014)

Houston beat out other usual foodie front-runners such as New York and Chicago. Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New Orleans were the top four cities. You can view the complete Top 10 on the Washington Post’s website.

The next time you are heading out for a night on the town, consider stopping by one of Sietsema’s favorite spots. His food tour map includes 29 eateries throughout the city.

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