5 Quick and Easy Ways to Winterize Your Interior Styling

During the holiday season, you may be constantly entertaining or having guests coming in from out-of-town to stay at your home. With all the hustle and bustle there is no time to waste, so giving your home styling a quick and easy winter treatment should be painless!  Here are 5 quick and easy ways to add the perfect amount of style with a cozy winter vibe.

Gather bare branches and put them in a nifty vase. Pair with black or dark toned candles on pillars and various glass votives on a tray or silver platter, and you have yourself a perfect compliment to any table or counter-top.


Use knits. Find knitted cylinder and votive candle covers and pair with loads of knitted throw pillows- your guests will feel right at home instantly!


Create a cozy sitting spot by the fireplace for reading, wrapping gifts or setting goals for the new year. These are just a few winter to-do’s that are best by a warm fire.


If you’re the craft type- here’s a winter scene that is easy to re-create with a quick trip to the hobby store and about $20.


Lastly- faux fur. Add a luxe faux fur to your bedding or your guest room for a quick and easy winter treatment. This is the epitome of cozy winter chic.

Enjoying the holidays and winter time means making time to do the things that really matter. Don’t spend a lot of time on winter styling, these 5 quick and easy ways to winterize your interior styling will have you fixed up in no time at all.

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